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By: Mel Joelle

Homeowners should consider pavers as an alternative to asphalt or concrete. Pavers are stone or masonry blocks that are pre-cast at a manufacturing plant, providing a shape that’s more uniform than bricks. Because of the process used in manufacturing the pavers, they are available in a number of different shapes, such as hexagonal, octagonal, keyhole or irregular, as well as other choices. Pavers can be modified fairly easily, making them a good choice for such difficult areas in landscaping such as areas that feature curving or flowing lines. Pavers also have the advantage of working well in rather intricate designs, providing an element of style to a walkway, a pool deck or a driveway.

Pavers come in two basic types, natural stone or manufactured blocks. Natural stone pavers such as those offered by Stoneline Group of Miami can be purchased in three different styles. Honed and chiseled pavers as well as tumbled pavers provide a traditional look, with squared edges and a porous surface that appears natural and aged. Often the pocked surface of the pavers is filled with grout, although it’s generally not noticeable. This provides a more finished look to the paver. These types of pavers are manufactured from travertine stone, which is found in Turkey and Italy. Travertine pavers come in a number of different thicknesses and colors, such as gold, cream, beige or noche among others. French pattern pavers evoke Old World charm with edges that are referred to as cushioned or edged in a fashion similar to a pillow. Travertine pavers are well known for holding up well in very cold weather, due to their ability to withstand freeze and thaw cycles. Their color retains its original luster for years and they require very little maintenance.

Limestone pavers are another option that adds elegance and beauty to a home’s landscaping features. The stones come from quarries found all around the world. As with travertine pavers, limestone pavers come in a myriad of shapes and colors. They’re available in hexagonal and octagonal shapes, as well as circular designs and even irregularly shaped blocks. Whereas travertine pavers tend toward the red end of the color spectrum, limestone pavers are often found in gray and blue tints, as well as white hues. Some types of limestone pavers show hints and specks of reds and pinks.

Limestone pavers, like travertine pavers, can handle freezing and thawing cycles well, in addition to summertime heat. The limestone needs almost no maintenance. The only natural enemy of limestone pavers is acid, which pits the surface. Since limestone is quarried in so many places around the US, its cost is lower due to its availability.

Stoneline Group of Miami exports natural stone pavers from its parent company’s quarries in Turkey. The company is becoming known as one of the top importers of natural stone in the US. Stoneline Group is an excellent source of high quality natural landscaping stone at competitive prices. Visit where we can offer more information on its products and ordering procedures.

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