Pause for Detox

By: Desmond Beck

In our fast paced life, our careers and then our social life eat up all of those precious 24 hours which we get every day. The term "we don't have time for ourselves" has been said a million times and is now considered a cliché, but it could not be truer. The time to read a book quietly or solve a crossword puzzle at your home and not while travelling in a public transport has become nearly impossible.

Most of our meals are eaten outside, which are usually flavoured or coloured artificially or even if food is carried from home, dust particles in the air nicely rest upon our food which we are unable to see from our naked eyes and consume the same in the process. The pollution in the air, water, noise and all kinds of natural resources which nature has provided us is slowly, but steadily. ruining our system.

The stress on the outside and inside of our body can lead to fatal consequences; this is when it is time to take a pause. Take a step back; it's not a race and even if it is, eventually the healthiest of them all wins. Seeing this kind of unrest and dissatisfaction, the concept of detoxifying yourself has become an extremely important thing to do now. In the age of excess, we need to release the toxins which have accumulated on and within our bodies and let go of the strain we take on every day.

Detoxifying is a psychological or medicinal way of removal of toxins from our bodies (it also includes animals, not restricted to humans only). There are various kinds of detoxifications for different kinds of problems like alcoholic detoxification, drug detoxification and metabolic detoxification. Detoxification is also a form of alternative medicine which some people prefer to mainstream medications or like to take the combination of both kinds of medication for their ailments.

The kinds of detoxification in alternative medicine include detox diets, colon cleaning, and heavy metal. Certain devices are also used which apparently remove the toxins from the body and are known as detox devices. The credibility of such forms of detox methods have been questioned and refuted by medical practitioners but the usage of the same has not decreased.

Most of the people are aware that detoxification will not cure any such serious ailment or disease but it is just a method of rejuvenating themselves. Detox products are available all over the world and their popularity is at an all-time high because detoxification helps bring about the release that people are looking for. Detox foot spas and baths, for example, are merely recreational activities which people are in dire need of.

Many wraps, exfoliators and masks do remove toxins by prompting people to sweat or otherwise drawing them out from our epidermis. While some experts say the results are pretty temporary, those fleeting results can be well worth it. Detox exercises too are a healthy way to shed the toxins and stimulate the already present and functioning metabolism which may need a push sometimes. Detox diet programs are another rage with the consumers as they encourage healthy eating. There are times our bodies need a break from processed food and animal products, this is when a detox diet can be taken, which primarily encourages people to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables in form of solids or juices.

Certain detox programs then gradually make the consumers cut sugar from their diet but compensate the same by increasing the intake of yogurt in different flavours, smoothies, fresh fruit juices etc.

Hence, even though detoxifying is not a mainstream medical practice, it is more of a rejuvenating experience which encourages cleanliness, healthy eating habits, and less dependence on addictive substances (alcohol or drugs) paving the way for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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