Party Favors on a Budget

By: Richard Curtain

Thereís no other event that a little kid looks forward to other than his own birthday party. Days before the bash, heíd find it hard to contain his excitement and would even find it difficult to sleep as he anticipates for many delightful things come that day. Parents, on the other hand, also experience sleepless nights, but not because they feel the same excitement their child feels; itís more about the anxiety of planning the party so it will turn out to be a successful one.

And when it comes to party-planning, one of the minor things that some parents can overlook is those little giveaways that guests take with them after the event: party favors. These things usually come only as an afterthought, so the organizers usually just end up buying stuff to put into the bag that will be given to their guests. When this happens, they end up going beyond their budget because they havenít properly given it much attention prior to the bash.

Here are tips on how to come up with party favors that will go with your theme without breaking the bank:

Make your own Ė Thatís right. If you donít want to spend money on something you may consider not really of huge relevance (although there are those who consider them very important), get those creative juices flowing and make your own party favors. If you donít feel creative at all, there are tons of resources online where you can find tips on how to create great mementos without spending too much.

Recycle Ė As you list down the materials youíll be needing in creating the favors, donít immediately go to a shop and buy those materials. You may find some of the needed materials on the list lying in one corner or in the basement or closet just collecting dust. If they can still be used, why buy?

Enlist your childís help Ė Get your child or children to help you out in making the stuff youíll be giving away. Aside from making them experience the value of work and the excitement of creating something, it will also make them feel their worth in making something happen.

Allot a specific budget for it Ė The biggest reason why some planners end up spending more than what theyíve expected is because they can sometimes give in to impulse-buying. They grab whatever attractive items they see at party or gift shops. To avoid falling victim to this pitfall, set aside a budget for your party favors and donít give in to the temptation of buying something thatís not really that important and will just make you go beyond what youíve allotted for that purpose.

Create your own loot bags Ė Again, these are things you donít have to spend money on. Just like the tip given earlier, make use of certain materials that are no longer being used and are about to make their way to the bin. Cardboard pieces lying around in your storage room can be reused to create unique-looking loot bags.

By using your creativity, ingenuity, and practicality, you can come up with your own party favors without going overboard with your budget for your childís party. (If youíre looking for Halloween party ideas? You can follow this link to get ideas and party supplies.)

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