Parental Controls for Safe Internet Surfing

By: Brooke M. Perry

Internet is an open source of information as well as content that might not be appropriate for all. The biggest risk is when a child is accessing internet unmonitored and unfiltered content. This results in displaying unsuitable and vague content that is harmful for the psychology of a child. Other things include numerous advertisements that appear on a web page. These can also be malware. A child might end up in an inappropriate website. Additionally, clicking on random links leads to falling for the trap laid by hackers.

Even after all this it is literally impossible to make internet a safe haven for kids. Let us find out how to safeguard internet usage for children and childproof it.

Web filtering

OpenDNS is the most effective way that can be utilized for safer internet and comes handy for web filtering. This program helps in filtering internet access and devices that are commonly connected to a router. You have a choice of three parental controls that includes Home VIP, FamilyShield and Home. Out of these options you can choose to deploy FamilyShiled as this is the most simple and suitable for a home PC.

Additionally, options like setting customized filtering options and making security settings are the advantages that you get. Choose the option of filtering adult content that is predefined and apply it on your router. If you are opting for OpenDNS Home then you must create your account and install it on your PC. The VIP version is all about providing top-notch security shield that would cost you $20 annually.

Visit the website of this program to get started with it. Remember that instructions for each router differ according to the component owned. However, you will be provided with automated instructions for enabling the service.

For mobile devices you can choose K9 Web Protection available at Google Play store and Apple Store. For those who are running their systems on Windows 8 or 7.5 version can opt for AVG.

Family Safety features

Windows Vista and other Windows OS copies are loaded with the option of parental controls. This gives you the freedom to adjust setting for limiting programs usage, games and set filters based on individual accounts. At the end of the day you will be provided activity reports for understanding how the internet has been used by a specific user ID. These reports can be directly viewed on accounts or sent through e-mail messages.

Family Safety option is available for Windows 7 and Vista users. This includes Parental Controls for determining safe internet usage by individual account user on a common PC. Options like Safe Search will help you filter search engine results and disable downloads.

Safeguarding your iOS devices

Apple gives you the option of parental controls for all your iDevices. However, it is named as Restrictions. Access to certain apps can be blocked including Safari, FaceTime and Camera app. You have the control in determining how a user can utilize basic functionality including deleting and installing apps.

Additionally you can even restrict access on the basis of content type, ratings and it would need a PIN for accessing the purchasing option. Even if your child were handling your device it would be safe. You need to go to Settings ->General ->Restrictions.

For Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone 8 users already have a feature of My Family. You can put restrictions on game and app downloads. In the Games font use the feature of My Family for blocking out unrated games that are inappropriate for young users. Go to the website of Windows phone, then go to My Family -> Enable Parental Restrictions -> add the ID of your child’s phone to the list. This will help you see what all can be blocked.

Social Networks

Often the social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are fascinating to young children. They start early on with opening accounts on these websites and start interacting. Reviewing the privacy settings on the account of your child is the first step. Set filters like friends only to posts and content. If this is not all then opting for a service like Social Network Protection by Avira will help keep an eye on your child’s activities online and generate a report on it.

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