Parcel Packing Basics You Shouldn't Overlook

By: Richard Taylor

The idea of packing an item can evoke feelings of joy and excitement. In some cases, this suggests that someone somewhere is waiting for a present from you, and you both are too happy to know it will soon be on its way. From a business owner or retailer's perspective, packing may mean an order is about to reach its buyer, which translates to a successful sale.

Either way, packing your parcel entails a careful consideration of certain factors to ensure it is safe while in transit, and will just be as intact when it reaches your recipient. As the sending party, there are basic yet highly essential points you should ponder on to ensure that your item passes standard checks for shipping and reaches its destination safely as soon as possible.

First of all, be sure that you have the right size of package that solidly encloses your item without any part of it sticking out. When you are dealing with pieces and pellets, you will need a strong container that should be tightly sealed. Depending on the kind, size and weight, your fragile product or products may need to be wrapped individually before consolidating them in a box. Each of your discs and similar objects will also require self-cushioning prior making them all fit nicely in one package.

Standard rules suggest the use of a high quality, strong boxes and even stronger ones for those extra fragile deliveries. If your item needs to be encased prior to being placed inside the box for added safety, do so. Bear in mind that while a recycled box may be acceptable, all unwanted labels or hazard markings on it should be removed. Decorative packaging is considered unsuitable for shipping by most courier companies.

Sealing your box is the next most important thing to do. Secure your item by using a strong and durable tape In order for your item to remain steady inside the box during transport, you may use fillers. Using bubble wraps and crumpled papers for internal protection purposes will do the trick.

Complete the package and get it ready for sending by putting in all required information, which means data from you as the sender, and your recipient. This will be useful not only for your courier company of choice for easier location, but also for you to track the progress from pick up to delivery. You will want to be updated regarding the status of your shipment, so be sure that all needed info required to achieve this is present.

In enclosing, sealing and labeling your item for delivery, always use durable materials fit for shipping, or your package runs the risk of being ruined when knocked over. You can expect your item to remain the way it was when you pack it using the best quality of wrapping materials and tapes.

Another useful tip: You simply can't be packing excitedly without knowing the standard weight limits, factoring in your parcel's actual weight and destination. Be certain about complying with special requirements by asking and verifying with your courier. Do not risk wasting time, money and effort packing that item to perfection without knowing the rules.

Packing aside, choosing the suitable courier company is also important. When it's all packed and ready, you want no less than a reputable courier service to do this job for you. For parcel deliveries for local or global destinations, log on to Ship2anywhere for your delivery options.

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