Panini Sandwiches

By: Anthony Tripp

Are you eating the same dull lunch sandwiches every single day? Why not try something new and make lunch exciting again? All you need is a panini maker and some good recipes and you'll be enjoying lunchtime again.
Panini sandwiches are delicious and easy to make but let me start out by making one small correction. Panini is the plural form of panino, the italian word for sandwich. So when you order "a panini", you're actually saying the equivalent of "a sandwiches". But no matter what you call it, the act of placing a sandwich between two hot grills and applying pressure would probably make even a shoe taste delicious. But don't cook your shoes. Not when there's tons of excellent ingredients and many different combinations to try.
So when you're ready to make a panini sandwich, you had better have a panini grill. Sure you can make them in a frying pan, grilled cheese style but why not splurge for this small kitchen appliance. Remember that you're lunches will never be the same if you do. A panini maker works like this, there's two grilling plates that heat up and cook and squish the sandwich from both sides. You can even use a panini maker as an indoor grill. Or if you already have a George Foreman grill, there's no reason why you can't make panini with it.
Heating the ingredients has a special way of blending the flavors into something new and interesting. It also makes the bread warm and crusty. Be sure to try artisan breads like sour dough, asiago cheese loaves and of course ciabatta bread.
There's not a lot of precision in making a panini. Take your favorite ingredients and start experimenting. How about adding pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce for a pizza panini? And why not try ham, turkey, swiss cheese on sliced challah bread that you dunk in French Toast batter for a Monte Cristo Panini? You could also add grilled vegetables to your sandwiches to make them a little more healthy. Roasted peppers and onions go great with a lot of sandwich meats.
Brown bagging your lunch everyday definitely becomes monotonous over time. And in today's economy who can afford to eat out everyday. Adding a panini grill to your kitchen is a great way to add a little bit of excitement to your meals and lunchtime will never be the same, thanks to panini sandwiches.

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Before you make your next Panini Sandwich, be sure to check the free Panini Recipes at Anthony Tripp's Panini Sandwich Blog.

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