Palm Pre - the real iPhone killer?

By: Zwee

If we were the betting type, here's where our money for 'iPhone killer'.wuuld be. A lot of phones have come and gone with the claims of being an 'iPhone killer'. Apple's device still sits pretty at the top of the mobile world while contenders fade away. If you were to ask us, there are only two phones we see that have the potential to overthrow the king: The Palm Pre and the Nokia N97.

The curved, pebble like look of the Palm Pre was what drew me in first. It's glossy, but not exactly shiny - I like! The capacitive 3.1 inch touchscreen display on top claims to render 16 million colours at 320x480 pixel, and auto-rotates with the help of the built-in accelerometer.

The gadget borrows from the iPhone, using a single button as a one point input. I wish it did more, but the clean interface has its own benefits too.

One of the most common complaints with the iPhone is the lack of a physical keyboard. Palm has recognised this shortcoming, and its cover slides up at an angle to reveal an impressive Qwerty keypad, much like that of the Centro. The angle, the company says, lessens screen glare and is better for viewing. Clad in black, each alphabet is written in white and has a red tinge to it. And the keyboard's black-red-white combination looks amazing.

On the back of the Palm Pre, you will find a 3.15 megapixel camera with enhanced fixed focus and LED flash. Rendering clear pictures of 2040x1536 pixel is more important to me than shooting videos, which the Palm Pre does not have a built in application for. However, considering that the WebOS is open-source, some developer should have a solution for this shortly after the launch.

Those seeking a multimedia experience will be glad to know that the Palm Pre developers have been good enough to offer a 3.5-mm audio jack along with 8GB of internal memory; the lack of expanding the same via microSD, though, remains a concern. Naturally, all the usual connectivity options and peripherals make an appearance. The 3G handset is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, microUSB, etc. Surprisingly, the Palm Pre does not support radio - an omission which is hard to explain, given how little space a radio transmitter taker and how little resources it use.

Still, given the wonderful WebOS interface and the solid hardware, this one seems ready to take on the iPhone and give it a run for it's money.

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