Pacific Salmon Fishing

By: Flipper Tomasio

Fishing sports are growing in popularity and one of the most prized fishes is the salmon. There are many varieties and each fisherman has his or her favorite. The granddaddy of Pacific salmon is the Chinook. It can weigh in at up to 100 pounds and grow to 40 inches in length. Chinook make up only about one percent of the annual salmon harvest.

The most valuable salmon is from Alaska, the Sockeye salmon. This fish averages about six to nine pounds and can be as long as 24 inches. The Sockeye salmon accounts for approximately 25 to 30 percent of the commercial fishing trade in Alaska. This salmon is often called the "red" salmon because of the brilliant red color that the males turn during the spawning season.

Coho's are the next (third) most valued fish. These "silvers" as they are called, because of their bright silver color, are popular in the marketplace and often sold whole. The Coho runs to about 29 inches and weighs on an average of nine pounds. The favored ways of processing them is smoking or canning.

Chum salmon are not worth much due to their pale and yellow meat. Consumers don't usually favor them. They grow to 30 inches in length and weigh in at about 8 pounds.

At the bottom of the Pacific salmon list is the Pink. They are small and used primarily for canning. They average 22 inches and 4 pounds. They are found in greater number than the other salmon.

Sport fishermen love the charters available off the northern Pacific coast. If you enjoy fishing, think about a charter to carry you to the best salmon fishing spots. Charters often offer whale watching as well, so you can sightsee and fish while you're out. You can charter a boat for a day or a week. Choose carefully, as there are many, and you'll want to choose just the right package for you. Try for one without too many others on board. Remember, the fewer fishermen, the more fish for you.

Make the right choice and you will enjoy good fishing and come home with some delectable meals. Even if you don't catch anything, you're sure to have a great time in the salty sea air with fellow fishermen.

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