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Now, you may ask why we need to convert. Though several technologies have developed, the web browsers can understand only HTML. So, you would need to change whatever it is that you want on your website to HTML. HTML and CSS would take care of all the display from the template. The HTML defines or specifies where each element should appear. CSS is a formatting specification that lets you say how each element is to be displayed.
With this, designers create several templates in Adobe Photoshop as PSD files and sell them to web masters and web developers. These masters and developers convert PSD to HTML and customize the colours and use it for their websites.
There are several converters online that claim to convert PSD to HTML web pages. Most of them end up complicating things and inducing errors. This may become painstaking to correct and debug manually.
The best way would be to slice the template to suit the web page. You have to go section by section on the work. First target the header section, followed by the banner section. Then move on to the main section and then the footer section. You could also do up the right navigation section if you have one.
For each section, you could create div elements and place all the content for each section within the appropriate div element. For background textures, you could remove the layer and save it as a JPEG image file and apply it to the page. You could slice up images meant to act as buttons for navigation and save them aside too. Now, download the appropriate fonts for the content and determine the colour of the font from the colour palette.
Once you are done with the prerequisites, you should start with one HTML file and one CSS file. Create the documentation for the HTML page and then include the link to the CSS file. Now code the CSS file for each section and prefix formatting with appropriate section tags. Switch to the HTML file and create the div element skeletons for the sections. Now, start filling in the content with the appropriate tags and the appropriate formatting from the CSS file. Render the web page periodically on a browser to test the outcome.
A well experienced web developer could do the conversion in a few hours. As you keep on practicing, you can also easily do the conversions as you will learn the tricks on the go.

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