Outsourcing: Let Others Do the Dirty Work


Many Internet entrepreneurs start out having to do everything for themselves. In Internet Marketing, that's usually true most of the time. Getting these same folks to relinquish the parts of the business that are time consuming, dull, repetitive and boring can be very difficult.

The very qualities that make a person inclined to take control of his or her destiny, like perseverance, self-starting and a willingness to work long, hard hours can make it difficult to give it up. "Let George Do It" is a mocking phrase that go-getters invoke when describing people who won't take responsibility for their own destiny. However, after a certain point, George needs to be doing all the stuff you no longer need to do on your own.

The business owner who finally makes enough profit to reinvest in the business should look first at what is most desperately needed. Equipment upgrades, new software, supplies of hard goods that are necessary to the daily operation come first.

After that, though, taking a hard look at time consuming chores that return little in the way of income is a good idea. Paying someone else to do your grunt work, while you devote your time and energy to creating and maintaining revenue streams, is a way of working smart.

Your main strength should be the main source of your income. All the other chores, duties, repetitive tasks and time consuming labor should be done by those who have a flair for doing them.

Frankly, you're probably not cut out to be a happy clerical worker, if you chose to start your own business. As soon as you can afford it, hire one to do your clerical work for you, either as an employee or through the services of a remote Virtual Assistant. A VA might be the most cost-effective way to get jobs done that are simple, repetitive and labor intensive.

Outsourcing to Third World countries may have a bad reputation in the eyes of most people, but chances are you aren't like most people. Even if you've been "downsized" by a company that farmed out your job to India, you're still ahead of the pack in that you're working on building your own business for yourself. When it comes to deciding whom to hire for your grunt work, let the marketplace work in your favor.

Don't feel obligated to pay top dollar for second rate work just because you want to hire close to home. By denying a crappy worker a job, that worker gets the chance to improve performance and learn new skills. Subsidizing substandard performance doesn't do anybody any good.

When choosing an outsource, it's often better to go with a company or team of providers, rather than a single person. If that person gets sick or decides to quit, you're stuck with finding new help. A company or team can "reposition" someone else quickly, to cover any lapse. If the only difference between your choices is prompt response, choose the one that gets a test job done first.

In fact, it may be better to choose a source that may be less qualified but consistently delivers early, rather than a highly qualified but tardy responder.

Don't fall prey to being seduced by a cheap hourly rate. It may only cost you $6 per hour to hire someone to do a job, but if it takes him or her 12 hours to do a job that a $25 per hour worker could do in 2, you just spent $22 more than you needed to. Use your common sense and be willing to learn as you go when developing your outsourcing help.

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