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By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

Dealing with stress is something that many people can have some difficulty in doing. Some people are natural with how they deal with their stress, and it works well for them. Others are completely lost when trying to figure out how to deal with their stress, and then there are those who simply try to ignore their stress. Stress, any kind of stress regardless of what it is, can put pressure on a personís mental and physical health. When not dealt with, the stress builds and can cause difficulties for the person later on. Over time, the impact of the building stress will begin to show on a person, either in the form of depression, frustration, anger, changes in mood and behavior, or as physical problems with the heart, stomach and more. It is not something that can be ignored, which unfortunately is what most will try to do.

There are many different ways that a person can try and deal with their stress. It all depends on the person, what kind of life they live and what they are willing to do in order to make their selves feel better. One way that people will alleviate the pressures of their life is to become involved with a hobby. Artistic people will often use art as their outlet. An artist may spend hours painting, a musician will play their instrument after work or school and a sculpture will ensure they have an endless supply of clay available and ready so they can get to work with the right inspiration. Even a literary artist will spend hours writing about a world they escape to when the day has become too much. If you donít feel your outlet lies in the artistic field, however, there are other options. Going to the gym and working off the dayís or weekís frustration can help to release the built up energy as well as tone your body. Others find listening to music and letting their mind wander as their imagination goes to work, or even letting their mind clear is another way of releasing stress. Meditation is a popular activity that many will partake in. If none of these work, one could try talking to someone. First, talking to someone who might be causing you aggravation and working differences out might help, though talking to a loved one or even a counselor could be a very good idea.

Thinking about talking to a counselor or therapist does not mean that one is crazy. In fact, making the choice to speak to a professional in order to sort out some things in oneís life makes for a very rational and sane decision, because they are looking to improve their welfare and there is nothing wrong with that. Looking for an online counselor is extremely easy and convenient for most. Just do a quick search online and endless links and sites for online counseling can be found. Communicating with an online therapist can help one to target what might be causing them their stress and then deal with it accordingly. Online therapy provides an excellent opportunity for one to find an appropriate way to identify and deal with their daily stresses.

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