Outdoor: Getting Out Of Oneís Shell

By: James Monahan

If youíre bored with routinely in-house lifestyle, why not give outdoor get-away a shot? Tell me, whatís keeping you away from all the outdoor fun?

Let me guess, youíre probably in your mid 40ís and you think itís not okay for you to be seen doing some outdoor stuffs; or maybe you live in a place where clubhouse and parks are nowhere in sight.

Cheer up and chill out! There are more than a thousand reason to go get outdoor and enjoy physical activities. Let it be a part of your new found life! Here are 10 tips on how to overcome barriers that hinder you from having a great outdoor fun.

1. Do not let your social environment affect your outdoor lifestyle and physical activity. If people at work, school, community, and even your family do not mesh well with your opts, then try to stick with your own outdoor activities.

2. Outdoor activities aim to cut down on stress and pressure brought by the exhausting environmental workplace. Look for recreational places where you can increase and improve your level of physical and outdoor activity.

If your village or residential area doesnít have trails, parks or sidewalks, a spacious garage, or your garden side may do.

3. U.S Active Community Environments Initiative (or ACEI) have projects and programs that are created in support of the development of recreational centers and amusement parks where people can continue to enjoy outdoor activities like jogging, running, walking, bicycling and more.

4. Today, various fitness centers has continued to sprout, as well as malls which fervently provide space and pavements for fitness walking has come up with different ways to improve peopleís health and wellness through many other outdoor opportunities.

5. Technological breakthroughs and inventions such as elliptical trainers, escalators, elevators, and cars which aims to make peopleís lives easier are also making people work with less movement, thus making them less active.

Momís who usually jogs from the house to the grocery to buy goods are now finding the comfort of riding on their cars most of the time. People would rather take the elevator than shed some sweat and use the stairs.

Figure conscious people would often resort to drinking slimming teas, or direct pills for faster results than getting real exercise.

And people who believe so much in those powerful elliptical machines would rather stay at home than enjoy fun and healthy outdoor exercise. Donít let this barriers take the place of your normal outdoor activities.

6. Most people tend to stay away from outdoor activities because they think of it as being in a baseball game without all those protective gears on. Its not, honey.

Itís a sort of like a sport, yes. But it does not inflict charm or injury to anyone. Outdoor games and activities suit to increase your level of fitness, not like some ball game filled with technical and personal fouls.

7. Spending time outdoors will gradually improve your self-efficacy, confidence, endurance, power, strength, and most importantly,it builds character. Use this as your key to the gate of your goals.

8. Motivate your self. The best place to get started is right where you are standing. Enjoy it.

9. Outdoor activities will teach you the value of skill management, self motivation, the ability to see the beauty of your dreams, and a million and one ways to achieve it.

10. Time is an important element. Organize your schedule. Look for vacant slots and free times when you can best spend a day outdoor. Call on your families, neighbors and friends to savor the best outdoor activities you can think of and get as much fun as you can.

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James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of OutdoorTown.com and writes expert articles about outdoors.

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