Out Of Body Experience Of Astral Projection

By: Abhishek Agarwal..

Most appropriate state of human existence for Astral Projection is the subconscious state. Mind roams while the physical body remains static being asleep or unconscious. Imagining all these gives one a bizarre feeling. Yet such bizarre feelings could be nearest to the truth as scientists after prolonged research and experiments have ultimately arrived at the conclusion that leaving the physical body in subconscious state is very much possible and it is no myth.
Essence of Astral Projection With the consciousness leaving the physical body and floating independently on the astral plane, Astral Projection is neither day dream nor hallucination. Though a few doubts have been raised here and there, thousands of people claim to have experienced it and they invariably vouch for its existence and realities. Astral travel and out of body experience have been accepted both scientifically and physically possible. Strangest of the facts remain that at least 10% of the world population have been witness to such experiences of Astral Projection in some form or other with their experiences varying in degrees.
Astral Projection Instances Many people have experienced the out of body experience when they had been passing through some type of crisis. Some claim to have seen places that have no comparison on the earth during such astral travel while others have experienced the earthly incidents happening with their bodies while they have been floating on the astral plane. These occurrences are termed as the Near Death Experience or NDE. Similar experiences have come to those who did not face accidents but were in deep slumber, meditation, or in trance or even when relaxing a bit.
How It Feels To Have Astral Projection Those who went through the unique experience of OOBE or Out of Body Experience have also testified information that was gathered during their subconscious state. Scientists now firmly believe that it is possible for our consciousness leaving the physical body and floating in the space. They also now believe that it is possible to learn the astral techniques to learn the true methods of Astral Projection. One of the natural abilities inherent in human beings, it can be cultivated and developed into a wholesome power. Those who experience the astral travel often fail to realize it being ignorant of the essence of Astral Projection.
Is Astral Projection Real? While it is difficult to say it conclusively, the facts and figures as well as the results of experiments are heavily tilted in favor of reality of Astral Projection. A number of renowned celebrities had similar experiences at some point of time or other. Everyone can have such out of body experiences. It is not necessary to be a mystic to have such experiences. Only requirement for anyone who wishes to have such experience is to discipline his or her behavior. In fact Astral Projection is an inherent ability in human beings who are all born with this quality.
Astral Travel Experiences Ordinarily Astral Projection can occur when the human being is unconscious or asleep. The physical body remains in a state of immobility while the astral body moves across the space.

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