Otoplasty - Great Solution for Prominent Ear

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Ear Pinning refers to reshaping or decreasing the size of the ears. It is also formally known as otoplasty. Ears are quite important for us, although we take them for granted. However, if they stick out prominently, then they can aesthetically have a negative impact on our appearance. 'Mug ears' or 'Bat ears' are some of the common comments that have cropped up due to prominent ear. You can feel paranoid and it can affect your level of confidence too. It feels even more embarrassing when people’s attention is directly diverted to the look of your ears during a conversation.

Prominent ear correction changes the shape or position of the ears accordingly and the demand for this procedure is on a rise. Many adults get benefitted from this procedure. Especially children suffering from prominent ear problem can be prevented from being teased or bullied at school. However, exerting undue pressure on a child to undergo such procedure is unwanted. It is recommended by Sydney plastic surgeons that ear pinning or otoplasty can be performed on a child only when he is fully committed to the procedure and happy for it to go ahead. Ages of four and fourteen are the perfect time as the ear reaches its full size and shape during this period. The sooner the surgery is performed the better it is for the child.

Prominent ear correction procedure is a relatively uncomplicated cosmetic surgery. Under this procedure, a small incision is made by the plastic surgeon at the back of ear that allows him to pull the ear closer to the head. The ear is then held in its new position by the stitches. A piece of cartilage is removed before the incision is closed. The ear is then 'pinned' closer to the head depending on the expectations of the patient. The incision is small enough to be hidden within the fold between the ear and the back of the head.

The good news is that there are minimal risks involved in prominent ear procedure in Sydney and the signs of surgery are nearly invisible, although the recovery period might be daunting. The patient must be prepared for minor bleeding; bruising and swelling, as these are common after any kind of surgery. However, Hematoma may occur in some rare cases. Since the incision is placed at the fold behind the ear, excessive scarring is uncommon. In fact, no one will even suspect that you had any surgery at all, as the results are usually so subtle.

In both children and adults, octoplasty can make huge improvements, resulting in enhanced level of confidence and raised self-esteem. If you are considering plastic surgery for your child, then it is important to educate him/her about the procedure and get him/her involved in the process. Ensure that both you and your child are prepared to take the necessary time off to get prepared mentally for the recovery after otoplasty.

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