Other alternatives to small business government grants.

By: Alice Brooks

While the U.S. currently does not give out any grants for those people who are planning on starting their own small business or those who plan to expand their current business into something bigger, they do offer assistance by way of loans and information that you may need for your business. There are a number of local government institutions and some organizations in the private sector that do offer such grants to those who need them and these are the ones you need to tap for your small business.

When you are looking for financial help to start up your own business and you believe that you have an idea that will definitely work, finding the people to help you fund your business may be a bit difficult but can still be done. There are sites and resources that can help point you in the right direction and these often require a bit of research and artful way of putting together a grant request. You can find the names of the companies and the non-profit organizations that award such grants to unique ideas for start-up businesses and you can also find out what it takes to qualify for these grants from these same resources.

Of course, if you find that you are not that qualified to ask for a grant since most people who do qualify for these are those that are non-profit organizations or are into research and development for new products in information technology, biotechnology, and manufacturing, you might consider taking out a government loan for your business. The government helps people running a small business get loans from banks with very low interest rates to help these businesses succeed. Oftentimes these loans are partially paid back by the government to the banks that people owe money to through these government backed loans should the lender's business fail.

You can also try to find loans that local and state government institutions give out directly to the people who need it without their having to go through a bank to do so. There are also a few non-profit organizations that do give out loans to individuals who want to put up a business that may seem promising and that they find worth their while to back. Of course, these are pretty few and for you to make your plea for a loan for your business plans highly acceptable to these loan-giving bodies, you will need to come up with a pretty good proposal and business plan to start with.

Trying to get funds from such institutions to help you start a small business may require a bit of leg work but if you truly believe that you have what it takes to run your own small business and succeed in doing so, you can try and tap any of the state and local government agencies near you for grants that can help you get started. You can also try to ask for the federal government's help in securing a loan from your local bank if you are not qualified for any of the available grants you find.

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Try to look for grants for your small business from a few viable government and non-government sources.

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