Ordering A Check Into Deflation And Its Overtone To Your Wealth

By: Sherman Landon

Checking into the economic situation for a barometer as to inflationary vs. deflationary is a short term mindset that may prove valuable. People are often confused about the times they are living in and make poor economic choices.
In a deflationary situation, when theguage of value for goods and services goes down since the demand for goods and services has decreased and/or the cost to make those goods has decreased or selling of these goods and services at a reduced rate simply to produce scare revenue, the value of the dollar goes up. The logic goes seemingly against human intuition.
Opposite of inflation is deflation and with deflation, most assets decline in value. You would see the cost of your home decline in value as well as gasoline. Corporate equities, mutual fund shares, insurances and pension reserves and equity in non-corporate business values decline as well.
The value of the buck goes up in a deflationary environment. Quite the opposite of an inflationary environment where there are many dollars chasing goods and services, wages increase and price levels all around rise.
When the value of the dollar goes up, view from the United States perspective, inevitably it goes up against other currencies. When the dollar buys more its level of value starts rising and acts like a magnet.
Everything is costing less. The worth of a particular currency has nothing to do with how their economy is doing. The value of a currency is base on how it compares with other currencies. You can't evaluate a currency in isolation. Even if the U.S. were in a depression and unemployment was high we could be looking at either economic scenario: inflation or deflation.
If you see your dollar buying more, it means the worth of the United States Dollar is increasing. When the buck increases against other foreign currencies as a market basket of value you'll hear it referred to as a "stronger dollar." This means it also buys more goods and services as a whole abroad.
If the European economy is collapsing and the US dollar becomes the least worst currency worldwide, it is deflationary for the buck . As such, a safe place to keep your money is in U.S Treasury Bills.
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