Options, Substitutions for Off-Site Catering Service

By: Stephen John

Off-site catering comes with plenty of challenges. Youíre operating a mobile restaurant, for one thing, and you have to make sure the setup accommodates everything you need in terms of food preparation, presentation, and serving. It helps if the venue already provides the facilities you need to make it all happen; a workable kitchen, or enough space to accommodate a makeshift one. This isnít always the case, though, and youíll just have to make sure the menu involves dishes that stay consumable throughout extended periods. There are ingredients and meals which donít hold well through the transport; youíre forced to finish the meals on-site, often with little time to spare, or you can check out this cold food display sample and invest in proper equipment. Off-site catering shouldnít be so troublesome, though, and the best thing you can do is choose ingredients you can mix, match, and spruce up.

Seafood Should Stay Fresh and Delectable

You have to make sure dishes stay presentable and edible. Fish and other seafood are crowd favorites, and you need to serve them in appropriate display (check out this food display facilities at premierrentals.com.au for samples). Seafood is easily overcooked left in a warmer or a chafer over extended periods, though. The delectable aroma also lingers and leaves a stuffy smell in small venues, and guests donít want to smell like steamed bass throughout the event. Some viands do hold well fried or grilled, and you should consider oysters, crab cakes, even salmon and freshwater fish, grilled and served on the spot.

Pasta Should Stay Al Dente

Pasta is the easy choice in most menus, and thereís enough variety to keep everyone happy at the buffet table. You can offer different types of pasta and sauce recipes, but you have to make sure the consistency stays al dente and consumable. Itís better if you prepare the pasta on-site, an hour or so prior to serving. Youíll just have to make do and bring appropriate crockery and facilities. If you need to prepare food in large batches, consider equipment from Premier Sales & Rentals, displays and dispatch facilities for buffets and mass servings. Pasta casseroles are recommended, like baked macaroni or lasagna. You can also whip up each pasta batch last-minute, and then top it with sauce at the buffet table.

Veggies Crispy not Soggy, Pastry Homey

Transport veggies fresh, blanched if you must. Donít cook the dish prior to transport or itíll turn to mush in a warmer or chafer. Unless youíre supposed to serve veggie dishes cold or as is, youíre better off if you undercook the ingredients and let these simmer to the right tenderness or crispiness prior to serving. Guests prefer undercooked, crisp, vegetables over soggy, chewy ones. You have fewer worries with pies and pastries, as these tastes better over time. You can visit premierrentals.com.au if youíre looking for pastry displays and warmers; you have to invest in these or your servings end up tough or stale, both undesirable.

Running a catering business is more lucrative than operating your own restaurant. Youíre serving meals for immediate consumption so youíll minimize wastage, and you can also pass on costs to clients to cover for leftovers. You can find Catering Sydney at Premier Sales & Rentals if youíre short on equipment. Some are too costly to own, though, and itís fortunate you can also rent these to use per event. Maximize your returns and credibility by serving surefire meals and pleasing clients.

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