Opana Misuse - The Significance Of Seeking Help For A Drug Addiction

By: Ben Pate

There are many different ways people abuse prescription drugs. One of the newest trends in prescription drug abuse is people snorting a substance called opana. Opana is a form of oxymorphone that can easily be crushed and snorted by users. This can cause people to develop a drug addiction very quickly. If you or someone you know has developed a dependency to prescription drugs, it is necessary to go through a drug detox center program so that you do not end up in jail or in the hospital. It is very easy for people to overdose on prescription drugs. It is important to remember, if you are going to detox, that you must have the assistance of medical professionals. Detox can be a very painful experience, and having a doctor who can administer medication is a great benefit.


Opana is described as a powerful semi-synthetic opiod analgesic. It was manufactured to have less intense side effects in comparison to morphine and heroin. Compared to heroin or morphine the euphoric high produced is less intense as well as the effects of sedation and other effects some as constant itching. This also, in theory, was meant to lower the addictive nature.Opana, or Oxymorphone, is scientifically known as 14-Hydroxydihydromorphinone.


When mixed with alcohol, Opana can be even more dangerous. It is very easy for a person who is drinking to overdose on prescription pain killers. In fact, there have recently been many celebrity deaths that have occurred due to this exact reason. Even if a person has had the pills prescribed to them by a medical practitioner, it is still possible for them to abuse the prescription. It is important that people only use these powerful substances the way they are meant to be taken. No one should ever take more than the recommended dosage or what their doctors tell them.


Withdrawal symptoms from Opana can be quite harsh and are better handled in a supervised medical facility. Symptoms of opiate withdrawal include, cravings, irritation, insomnia, sweating, nausea, vomiting, cold flashes, restlessness, weakness, diarrhea, cramps, and muscle twitching. The severity and duration of these symptoms depends on the addiction as well as the length of the addiction. Due to the dangers of Opana and addiction in general it's imperative that individuals who suffer from an drug abuse seek treatment at a detox facility.

Seeking Treatment

Detox is the first step in recovery. It allows the body to get rid of the toxins left by the opiate, once withdrawal is completed and there are no lasting effects from the drugs, the real work can begin. Treatment for a drug addiction is not detox alone. Treatment includes intense therapies including individual therapy and group therapy as well as education regarding drugs and the relearning of life management skills to avoid relapse in the future. Detox plays a role in this process, but is not the whole process.

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Opana abuse can lead to very serious health problems. If you know someone that is struggling with a drug addiction, it is vital that they receive a medical intervention as soon as possible. Without the help of professionals, it is nearly impossible for a drug addict to quit their destructive habit.

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