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By: Nagmani

In the past photographs were rarely retouched because of the available gadgets back then but because of technology and the way our world has adapted to the different demands of society right now, there are now different things that we can do with photographs. Even before, editing pictures were already crucial to make people look more flawless in pictures. The flawless qualities of people who are featured in different magazines appeal to the general public.
Aside from that, during the last few years, online proofing is a website, has already been used by a lot of people who are interested in photography to reach out to possible clients. Some photographerís use online proofing to simply send the pictures to the clients but for others it also serves as their online portfolio so that other people can see their work.
Proofing online has made so many things easier for both the client and the photographer simply because the photographer can already send the pictures to the client and the client can already choose which pictures he or she would want to edit or to include in his/her album. There are times when the client would show the pictures to relatives and friends and this will give other people an idea about what the photographer can do.

Online proofing is the preferred site of new photographers who just want to show the world what they can do. It is true that there are so many undiscovered talented photographers out there. The site has helped people book more jobs and get more orders. Also, there are some sites that entice people to sign up because they will get more jobs but then there are times when the orders do not push through and the photographer would be left hanging. With this site, photographers and clients can all be sure that they will get what they deserve.

Proofing online is also crucial because it can help the photographers keep track of the events that they have booked so far so that if in the future there would be two events that would happen at the same time, he can already tell the possible client in advance that it wouldnít be possible. It would be embarrassing for a photographer to book two clients and attend only one. It also would not be good for his reputation.

There may also be times when photographers would need to get in touch with a business associate that is far away. Instead of sending an email of the pictures that may take a long time especially if the files are big, some sites that offer online proofing will make it possible for the business associates to give usable critique to each otherís works. This can help people improve their work by listening to what other people would have to say. People should remember that constructive criticism is a good thing.

It might come as a surprise to some people thought that not only photographers make use of proofing online. Some sales marketers, web designers and video production people also use the features of online proofing. Isnít it that there are times when several pictures would be made into a video? This is the reason why people in charge of making videos make it a point to visit sites that offer online proofing so that if they are going to get photographs or they are going to upload the videos that they have made, it will be easier for all the people involved.

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