Online Multiplayer Games On the Rise

By: Gen Wright

MMORPG games have been rising in popularity in the last couple of years. It doesn't matter what age group you belong to - players from all ages join these virtual worlds to have fun.

There are many popular games you can choose to join. A few options include WOW, Age of Empire, Evony online and Everquest.

Traditionally, players are required to buy the original CD. Each CD comes with an official activation key. Before an account can be created, players will be prompted to enter the activation key. With no activation key, players cannot start a game.

However, games have started to evolve with the growth of the Internet. Just a few short years ago, a CD is still required because there is no way for a player to download the resource intensive media files with limited bandwidth. As download speed has grown tremendously within a few short years, that need no longer exists. Huge files that used to take hours to download now takes only minutes. They may then launch the game and start connecting to the game servers immediately.

Gaming developers now know that they don't have to depend on stores to get the word out about their latest games. That means they can do everything themselves - from developing the game to promoting the game. Everything can be done online.

One excellent instance is Evony - a multiplayer game that is free to join. A player does not have to purchase anything from a retail store. By advertising online, the game has been able to attract millions of player without having to depend on stores. The game is free to join, and anyone can create an account and start playing within minutes.

This game continues to be free. Players are not required to make any purchase to continue playing the game. There is no trial period. So without any games to sell, how does the Company make money?

Various upgrades are available, although they are not mandatory For example, if you want to become stronger in the game, you can buy special items. For the game play to continue to be exciting, you may have to buy some items in order to stay competitive. Otherwise, you're just a sitting duck waiting to be demolished. You have various options available - all are designed to help you spend more money. If you have friends of allies online, you can trade with them so that everyone wins!

Leveling up or becoming stronger is the primary goal of every player. Level up may take weeks or months and hours and hours of game play. Some players are just too impatient to start from scratch. So they buy everything they come across in an attempt to get stronger faster.

Then there are games that are designed to foster the growth of alliances. At times, you see hundreds of active groups for just one immensely popular game. You may be surprised to find that some guilds don't accept anyone. Members of the guild help one another to overcome challenges in the game. The entire experience for such games are more fun, interactive, challenging, and enjoyable.

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