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By: Robert Probst

I learned about online marketing after failing to create a full time income with traditional MLM and home based business programs. After all of my effort over the years, the only thing that was consistent was my failure to make the kind of money that matters.

In order to succeed online, one must first understand basic internet marketing. This requires new skill sets that new internet business owners must acquire. There is a learning curve that each new marketer must pass through in order to create a genuine internet presence.

I was also searching for a way to make money that wouldn't take all of my time, or cost too much to get started. I had already been in numerous home based businesses like Emerald Passport and Coastal Vacations.

I had serious doubts about how anyone could succeed in an industry that required so much knowledge about ever changing web technology. After failing time an time again most new internet marketers find running a website, an enormous task without the right mentorship and training.

Like many working in corporate America, I needed an additional income producing business that could produce a full time income with part time effort. After spending a considerable amount of time and money I eventually settled upon starting a travel website business, with a company called Coastal Vacations.

So after falling short of my goals with my coastal vacations travel business, I put my business on the back burner and took a few months off to look at how internet marketing really works. I accepted the fact that I wasn't going to make money with anything online until I learned how other successful entrepreneurs really run their businesses.

The problem was most "gurus I talked to didn't have time for me, or certainly wouldn't show me exactly how they were making money online, unless I purchased their "system". After looking all over the internet for someone that would give me a break and show me the truth, I gave up and decided to try and restart my Coastal Vacations business. I did a search on Google to find my mentor and sponsor that originally signed me up in Coastal.

Soon after, I found myself searching for a experienced leader to help with the many online marketing techniques I heard about through the company. I knew that it would take multiple advertising campaigns to create activity at my website daily, and that task was proving to be a challenging one.

Like many aspiring internet newbies, I had joined the program, fizzled out and then returned to try once again with the help of my original sponsor. I soon learned that my sponsor had disappeared and had in fact went into what I called "witness protection." (He dropped off the face of the earth with Coastal Vacations)

After trying to understand numerous internet marketing techniques I had read online, I decided I needed to hire a company to help with promoting my website until I could learn more about promoting a website properly.

I looked endlessly online for a company that would assist with generating traffic to my site and hoped to learn in the process. After several months of searching I came across a website that offered internet marketing training 7 days a week, and best of all their training was free.

After months of looking at opportunities that didn't offer me any more support than my coastal program, and after discovering the person that signed me up actually quit themselves, I actually found the training I had hoped for all along.

The link I found, was literally music to my ears, because it explained that a company called EDC Gold and EDC Diamond offered their training free, for anyone that wanted to learn about internet marketing.

The EDC Diamond organization was not at all concerned on selling me anything. Instead, they actually focused on showing people how the internet works thru their informative training, and let their knowledge and expertise speak for itself.

They did not use any kind of persuasive sales scripts to sell me or anything. They just offered sound advice on internet marketing each week, and it was free to attend for either new or paid members.

I also had the opportunity to work with Robert a top EDC Diamond Mentor, who answered many questions and even called me back on a Saturday. Initially I decided to use the EDC training for my coastal vacations travel website because I had already spent over $1500 to get started with that coastal.

Then, I made a sale for my coastal business, thanks to the training I received thru the EDC opportunity. That was when I decided to join EDC Gold. I had finally received the support I had always hoped for and let me tell you, I literally discovered the missing link in all of my former home based businesses.

I made the decision to start my EDC Gold business and now make a consistent income online. If you are tired of being burned by programs that purport to offer tons of assistance, yet require you to pay before joining, I encourage you to learn about EDC Gold and EDC Diamond as I have.

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