Online MLM Article Marketing – 5 Steps That Drives Traffic To Your Site In 72 Hours

By: Nelson Montanez

Receiving a great deal on purchases puts a smile on my face, but getting something for free gets me jumping for joy. C'mon, who doesn't like getting stuff for free? Online mlm article marketing gives you the chance to advertise your website for free. That's remarkable! Put together a quality creative article providing helpful information to educate your reader, present it to the article directories and your article appears on the search engines in a matter of 2 to 3 days. Is their a time investment involved? Absolutely, but it pays off big time because your articles stay online and continue to bring traffic directly to your site forever. If you're a frustrated business owner or online mlm networker using paid methods (e.g. Pay Per Click) to produce traffic to your websites, then read on and find out how it's possible to generate endless leads using article marketing mlm tips absolutely free.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Use Google Keywords External Tool and just search on various keywords that you think your target market would be searching on. Focus on less competitive keywords that have a global search volume of 700 to 1000. Now take that keyword and type it into the Google search engine. Did the keyword rank within 250,000 - 650,000 page results? Write an article around that keyword to rank quickly for it. When you're commencing to utilize this strategy, it's better to rank on the first page of Google for less competitive keywords than page 57 on a highly competitive keyword. Pick out a main and secondary keyword for your article.

Step 2: Find Ideas To Write About

Let me begin by saying you should never reproduce someone else's hard work. That said, you can write about anything. Review a product, a webinar, a company, an mlm guru, a compensation plan, a marketing strategy, etc, etc. Go to forums particular to your target niche and find out what questions other forum members are asking. Can you answer them? Write an article about it. Need inspiration? Take a look at websites like Digg, Ezine Articles or Better Networker. Have a different opinion to what you're reading? Create an article and give your opinion. Get the idea?

Step 3: What Should My Article Contain?

400 to 700 words is fine.

Title should begin with the main keyword you want to rank for and an attraction grabbing phrase. For example, Facebook Secrets - How to Produce 17 to 34 Networking Leads Daily without Annoying Anyone.

Your article shouldn't have the keyword splattered all over the body of the article. 3 - 4 times within the whole article is fine.

Don't be a machine, be likable and friendly. Write how you speak. If you bore folks when you speak, hire a writer!! Just kidding. LOL!!!

Folks love to be entertained so when you can, write a story. People love them.

Include an author resource box

Step 4: What's An Author Resource Box

This is your closing paragraph in an article where you'll mention your main and secondary keywords for page ranking on Google. The beauty of this is that your keywords will be clickable (aka anchor text) so if your audience wants to visit to your site for more information, they have that option. This closing paragraph is significant because this is where you'll be stating your Call to Action for your readers. Whether you want to generate leads, persuade folks to a sales page or drive your readers to a video presentation, an author resource box is essential!

Step 5: Scatter Your Article

You've formed your original content article, read, edited, spell checked, got a couple of opinions, re-edited and now ready to post it on the article directories. You currently have over 200+ article directories to scatter to on the internet. Imagine all the back links that you can generate to your website on a per article basis. This is just a piece of the marketing strategy that I want to disclose to you. You'll be extremely excited with the rest once you see it!

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