Online Cooking Games: Are They Safe For Your Kids?

By: Evgheny Stivenson

Remember when you were young and went to the arcades to kill the time and lose some quarters? Well, those games are not so popular anymore, mainly because they have been substituted by home video game consoles. However, free flash games have appeared and gained popularity as of late, and some of them feature cooking as their theme.

Unlike arcades, where each game used to cost a quarter (ah, those were our days, remember?) and video game consoles where each console costs at least 200 dollars and each game costs 60 dollars or more, online flash games are free. Thatís really a difficult cost to beat. And if you want to play a different game, you can play for free one of the thousands of flash games that there are on Internet. On the other hand, if you want to play another console video game, you have to cash out another 60 dollars. And if you didnít like it or grow tired of it, you canít get your 60 dollars back, can you?

In addition, cooking flash games that you find online are simple and easy to play. You donít need to install a CD with complex instructions or update your computerís graphics or increase your computerís memory. No fuss, no downloads, not installation, no entering numbers in order to prove your purchase, no complex setting adjustments. You just open a webpage and start playing. Itís as easy as checking your e-mail. Cooking games are as easy or as complex as you want them. You can take a break from work and just enjoy one for a few minutes, after you finish that report that was so hard to write and before sending it by e-mail. And if your boss stops by, just minimize it while heís there, and resume the game after he leaves. And if get bored of one cooking flash game, there are thousands out there that you can play. They are so varied that you will surely find something to your tastes. Just remember to send that e-mail after playing, ok?

The variety goes beyond recipes, although that is something that is remarkable as well. If you are into real life cooking, you can learn easier and faster ways to prepare the dishes you already know, or you can even learn new recipes that you can try later at home. Some games will let you take all the time you want to prepare a dish. Others will be timed. Some will be realistic, and some will have some exaggerated or fake recipes and are intended just for fun or a challenge, such as flipping dozens of pancakes on a stove on time, to keep them from burning. And there are even cooking games that will let you prepare whole meals, so you can combine various dishes to form attractive breakfast, lunches or dinners, all of which will give you ideas to try at home. Finally, some games will feature international cooking, so you can prepare sushi or enchiladas, depending on your taste.

All of this without moving away from your desk. And to the casual observer, it will look no different from work. And even if youíre caught, thereís no questionable or embarrassing material, like sex or violence. With these games being free, and without subscriptions or passwords involved, is there really a downside to them?

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Evgheny Stivenson, creator of numerous cooking games

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