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By: Kelsie Wolf

In the present scenario, many people facing the problem of back pain or we can say chronic back pain. Even tens of millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain – pain that last longer then six month means Chronic back pain is a leading cause of pain and disability, affecting millions of Americans. So firstly let we know that what is the main reason behind the chronic back pain?, One of the reason is that people spend much longer time at a desk without any break, which causes their muscles and joints to seize up.

For those suffering from chronic back pain the physical and emotional toll can be devastating. Some people have difficulty concentrating and remembering things. Many avoid certain activities they fear will trigger pain. Nearly one third of people suffering from chronic pain will become clinically depressed. Finding a way to manage your pain is essential.

As a sufferer of chronic back pain I have done physical therapy and massage therapy, seen a chiropractor, and tried yoga and other exercises. I was always reluctant, however, to use any type of medication. My therapist gave me this advice –to not need the medication, you need to use the medication. Pain begets pain. When you hurt you are tense making it more difficult for your body to recover, and leading to a cycle of pain. Whether you take an OTC anti-inflammatory or you have a prescription from your doctor, either in conjunction with therapy and exercise can help you manage your pain.

New treatments are available to help those who have not managed to get their pain under control with ordinary treatments. Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic that can be injected and works by cutting off pain signals to the back. A pain pump, surgically inserted, can send medication directly to your spinal cord. Gabapentin is an anti-convulsant often used to treat epilepsy, but has also been found useful in treating back problems. You can purchase Gabapentin online. These treatments are last resort options for individuals who have not had luck with traditional therapies or surgery, however, they may bring relief from a life of pain.

Whatever your pain level is, treat it. Ignoring it can lead to further pain and possibly permanent damage. Try yoga and massage therapy, then visit an online pharmacy to get a good deal on your medication needs.

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Kelsie Wolf is a pharmacist and is associated with onlinepharmacysafety. In present article he shares his experience about back pain, and related treatment for this, including benefits of buying safe prescription drugs online from canadian pharmacies.

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