One of the most favorites that people go for are cooked in deep fryers!

By: Pushkar Singh

We love eating fast food. Although it is very notorious for being a junk, unhealthy and for having no nutritional value, people still buy it. It may have caused a lot of overweight Americans, but definitely it taste so great that many people consider it as one of their comfort food. It really does not matter whether these foods, slathered in grease and oil can precipitate heart diseases; people still buy them because it is convenient.

While talking about fast food meals, one of the most favorites that people go for are cooked in deep fryers. Chicken, hash browns, nuggets, French fries and other foods needed to be fried are one of the favorites. The crispiness and the tenderness that deep-frying can bring has lead to great satiety to our taste buds. If only deep-fryer machines are affordable for home use, then it will be very easy for us to cook our food the way fast food restaurants do it. However as much as these machines can bring great taste and texture to our food, it can be very dangerous to use.

Deep fryers are commonly causes of fires in restaurant. For precaution, it is very important for owners to own wet chemical fire extinguishers. If you ask, why do you need this device? Then you should know this. Since deep fryers can are prone to starting fire, for more details visit to it is definitely smart to use this as an effective means in extinguishing the fire from this source. You have to bear in mind that there are different extinguishers that you can use and they have different uses. It just happened that the agent or solution in this device is most effective to put out flames caused by cooking oils.

Potassium Carbonate is the chemical solution filling this device. It has a special nozzle that sprays out the chemical based solution. Once sprayed, for more details visit to it then coats the surface of the oil or fat in the deep fryer and cools it down. It lowers down the temperature so that the oil will not reach its ignition point. The flammable vapors are contained by the potassium carbonate solution that blankets the oil through a form of soapsuds. This is made possible through the process of specification.

This device is not limited to putting out combustible liquids. It is also effective in putting out class A fires. This means, a burning paper or organic materials can be easily put out with this. Therefore, if you have wet chemical fire extinguishers, think of it as an all around extinguisher for class A fire.

There are other means to control fire from deep fryer. The best way to do it is to employ extra care. One should be very well versed in using this cooking equipment because it can also cause thermal burns when not used with proper caution. Even though you have the device to put out the fire, it is still better to prevent it from happening. This way nobody gets hurt and you will be saving the business from losses. At least you can keep satisfying Americans by providing them their all-time favorite fast food, which are French fries.

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