On your guard!Some Teethy tid bits that you mustbear in memory.

By: aaroah sunil

I have to admit, I find it really hard to inspire myself to brush my teeth every single day, and there are occasions, when I have spend, not seeing the toothbrush for a long time.

But, everyone has an epiphany once in a while, and mine came when I was going through the net, after my friend told me to Google for some dental information. And man, didnít my way of life change!

Let's get some basic information unto the table:

1. Dental Floss is really harmful, you either clean it the best way, or you make sure that you at least rinse your mouth with all through the day, 3 to 4 times.

2. You can get oral cancer too, if you've not heard of it before, then this is something that you should be wary of, cancer spares not even the mouth.

3. Solid candy, and some medicines like cough drops and chewable Vitamin C tablets, can induce cavity formation. You have to strive and get rid of it, if you can't, then be sure that you drink water or clean your teeth right after.

4. Gum Illness is something that you can get, and the best guy to spot this is your dentist.

5. Bad breath usually comes due to bad oral hygiene apart from other reasons.

6. Poor Oral Hygiene can cause even heart illness and gum loss.

7. Water is the best friend of your tooth, but donít take fluorinated water for granted, you need to add more ways of keeping your teeth healthy and fit.

8. If you've less Saliva, youíre prone to more bacterial infection.

9. Make sure that you don't brush for too much time, it can damage your enamel, keep it to an acceptable level.

10. A dentist is the perfect guy to decide, unlike some other parts of your body, the best judge of the present condition of your teeth is your dentist, and a regular check up makes sure that you keep things under control. Cleaning your teeth frequently are the best way to move forward.

I've begun to feel for my mouth, to know that it's related to various other parts within my system and activities is a scary thought. The perfect thing is to make sure that you brush is to do it for 21 days straight somehow, then as I read in A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, it becomes a habit.

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