Old-fashioned Ways To Inspire Children

By: Steve Drumm

Walk in to any most stores and you will notice walls and walls of toys that are loud -- toys that require batteries, or toys that resemble your child's much loved movie character.

What about those of us who wish to raise our youngsters to use a bit of imagination and curiosity? I am going to let you know what we do. We decide to fill our houses with a few of these old-fashioned bits and pieces.

Felt Boards:
Kids love to use felt to tell stories. You'll need a felt board to begin with obviously. It is relatively easy to make your board using a|from a} sheet of felt or you can purchase a felt board.

After having got your board, let the fun commence.

Visit a craft or fabric store and purchase a few sheets of felt in various colors. After that, cut out different shapes in all colors and dimensions. (You'll be surprised at how quickly kids can make an alien, ship, house, or person out of nothing more a small number of circles, rectangles, and triangles.

No house can have an adequate amount of books. Make sure your home has a portrayal of great fiction books as well as non-fiction books. A mixture of both is very crucial. Most households have a deficit of non-fiction books, so fill your house with Science, History and Art books. Kids ought to learn to read and understand non-fiction books in order to do well in research when they get to higher levels in their schooling.

Building blocks and Lego:
Children can play for hours building towers, bridges, cities, and much more with the type of toys that encourage creativity, patience, and small motor skills. When the work of art is finished, have your son or daughter pretend to be a giant and crash through the blocks - or grab a handful of small cars and drive around the new city which they have created! Be sure to name the city and have your youngster tell you all about it.

Art and supplies:
Provide your youngster with some crayons, scissors, junk mail, and glue. He or she will likely be entertained for hours if they are given a little encouragement. But do keep a close eye on them if you don't want your child to have a self-induced haircut or attach the dog to their artwork!

It is east to make a couple of puppets using socks, paper bags, felt, cloth, and sticks. Assist them to make a stage and tell stories. Get out the video camera and capture your son or daughter's brilliance!

Musical Instruments:
Whether your musical instruments are home-created using a comb and wax paper or bought from shop, making music is a wonderful way to spend the day. Teach your son or daughter that music can be produced from anything, from an old cereal box, to banging two pieces of wood together. Embark upon a walk with them and just listen to the sounds of nature.

Dressing-up Clothes:
Get out your old prom dresses, big hats, shirts and ties, old Halloween costumes (or buy extra pieces after Halloween for year-round fun!). Bring out that box of costumes and watch some shows with your children as the stars. Keep a camera handy to capture the fun. Also, keep watch over the pets. Cats don't always appreciate wearing a sombrero. Trust me, I have the scars to prove it!

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your son or daughter conjure up stories as the members of the family move around in a dolls house. Plus, if it is a wooden dolls house, there is the additional advantage of decorating it with some wallpaper scraps and carpet remnants! That dolls house might be a family heirloom if enough love is put into it.

In the Kitchen:
Kids love to play Kitchen, whether it is pretending mixing air, or getting to play with food. Give your child a great time by giving them safe kitchen utensils to play with in the sink. Mixing, pouring, and scooping bubbles and water entertains my children long enough for there hands to look pruny. Or for a fun alternative, give them puffed rice cereal and some bowls and utensils on the kitchen floor to play with. Just plan to vacuum afterwards as there'll be quite a mess!

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I have been creating Childrens Tea Sets or many years and it is still the best sight in the world when you see the childrens faces light up when you give them a wooden toy to play with.

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