Obtain Safe Drinking Water with a Countertop Water Distiller

By: Randal Pike

When you're trying to be healthy by drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day, the last thing you want to hear is that the drinking water is unsafe. But too often, water from the faucet is found to contain high levels of chemicals. With a countertop water distiller, purifying the water can be done to ensure your drinking water is always safe.
Although your local water treatment system purifies the water, many times bacteria or chemicals enter the system along the way. Similar concerns arise for people who get their water from a well. With water distilling, water is cleaned and purified, making it safe to drink. This process is accomplished with a home countertop water distiller.
Familiar substances that can be found in drinking water are mercury, lead, fluoride, nitrate, pesticides, radon, asbestos and arsenic. Other additives and toxins that can find their way into drinking water are biological, such as bacteria or viral, organic, or inorganic, like sediment or metals. A countertop water distiller and its filters remove additives, toxins and other dangerous substances from drinking water.
A countertop water distiller works by boiling the water until steam results. The steam is then collected in a container and condensed into water again, leaving behind all the contaminants. Many experts believe that distilling water using a countertop water distiller is the most consistent and effective method for removing contaminants than reverse osmosis, ultraviolet filtering and other purification procedures.
Often times, drinking water has a strong taste and odor, resulting from chlorine or iron bacteria. A countertop water distiller is the best method for ridding the water of these contaminants. Additional benefits realized from a countertop water distiller include better tasting water, healthier water, and safer water for the elderly, babies and those with compromised immune systems.
Home water distillers come in different sizes and price ranges. When purchasing a countertop water distiller, consider your space and usage needs. Helpful advice can be found at Blender Juicer Depot at http://www.blenderjuicerdepot.com/Water-Distillers_c_30.html. The website offers a wide variety of countertop water distillers to meet your budget and needs. When you consider the amount of money you currently spend on bottled water or faucet filters, a countertop water distiller is a good investment.
A countertop water distiller is easy to use. Simply add water and press the button. Although all countertop water distillers work the same, they are not built the same. Sizes vary depending on how many gallons of water it holds. A countertop water distiller should be sturdy and durable, be made with quality parts and feature escape vents and carbon post filters. An energy efficient model is also a plus. Some countertop water distillers come with convenient features, like a programmable time-delay and multifunction LCD readout.
With a countertop water distiller, your worries of impure water are washed away. There's no need to be concerned about contaminants accidentally entering the water supply either. With a countertop water distiller, you can enjoy safe and clean water at all times.

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