Obstacle Course Races Ė Important Training Lessons To Focus At

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To participate in obstacle course races, it is important to train properly. Letís look at some of the most important trainings to conduct.

Grip training

This sort of training is essential for those who plan to participate in obstacle races. The most common exercise to perform in grip training is wrist collar or even captains of crush. Start the exercise with something that allows the user to perform it in both the directions. Repetitions should be no less than four times. Also, increase the weight by a little percentage on a weekly basis. Captains crush training programs come in different resistance variety.

Resistance training

To perform well in an Obstacle races, it is important to improve on the agility and resistance level. Running up hill or sloppy terrain is essential. Carry a heavyweight bag and jog or run through the hallway/runway to develop strength. Try to push and pull the sled. It helps in developing strength of the shoulder and legs. The beginners should try walking up the sloppy mountain four to five times. Cramps are bound to take place. So, itís recommended to massage the body post workout sessions.

Strength training

Body weight strength training is essential. It helps in developing the strength and stamina of the performer who want to participate in obstacle course runs. Close-grip as well wide-grip pull-ups are essential to improve on the shoulder strength. Also, it helps in developing the upper portion of the body. It also helps the performer to grip the monkey bars better and also find it much easier in pulling the body over walls and climbing obstacles.
Running the stairs is a must for obstacle courses. Running up the stairs helps in improving the body agility, and stamina level. Running up the stadium stairs can be an excellent idea. Those who donít have the facility, they can carry out the activity in their apartment stairways. This will be extremely helpful while performing the obstacle race in the hills. The exercise helps in developing the calves. It strengthens these parts of the legs. As a result, running becomes easier for three to four hours during the obstacle course race.
Duck walk
Duck walk is also very effective lower body exercise. It helps in strengthening the lower body parts, mostly abdomen and hamstring. This particular workout can be carried out using no equipment. It helps in improving the body balance. However, while performing the exercise, make sure that the body stays low. Also, keep a proper track of the distance. Try to push it further with every passing day.

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