Obsessive Compulsive Behavior - Truly! Bye Bye OCD

By: Derek J. Soto

Obsessive compulsive disorder is very tough, especially for someone to whom this is brand new. The first tough problem is the fact that we have a tendency to over complicate things we don't understand.
Once you realize that once you forget all the complex fears and emotions, that you are able to take on an attitude of gratitude and start to see your fears and angst fade away like a rain cloud that's blowing away, revealing the sun upon you.
The things that we call emotions are all for the most part learned habits. The things that we think about we can change and that which we desire can drive us to change our thoughts. If you are ruthless in your persistence to become OCD free, you will be, period.
What kind of role are you going to play in becoming free from obsessive compulsive behavior? Observing that there are so many individuals in this world who don't struggle with OCD. We can be just like them and we will be. That is the resolve that I made in my spirit and it happend. There is nothing wrong with your brain, your obsessing is just a habit.
I have quit drugs, drinking, smoking and OCD by myself. These are not so easy to do. I have found that these things work, even with anxiety and I am living proof of that. I know that my fears are not real, not because a shrink or a book told me so, but because of my experience.
There is something that I have realized for a long time and here it is; You should only mentor and learn from someone who has been there, done that. They can show you what mistakes to avoid and save you eons of time by avoiding mistakes. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me strength to get over this OCD thing.
So after you have observed that it's possible to have freedom of the mind, what then? Decide for yourself that you too can and will have mental freedom, that you too will taste this delicious freedom! Decide in your heart, make it a goal and chase it relentlessly.
What then, do we do to keep motivated. Every time you slack on trying to not perform rituals, think about how bad your OCD was, think about how bad it is and say to yourself, "I am getting over it right now!" "No more OCD!"
When you practice what you say to yourself, you can't lose! Be a person that follows what they say. Search your soul and create a list of the things that you know that you really need to change in order to kill that which is holding you back. What are the things that are keeping you from becoming OCD free?
When you challenge the things that are holding you back, you can defeat them. It could be no faith, no bravery, fear, or uncertainty. Get rid of all these things one by one. Do these things in bite sized chunks so that you won't be overwhelmed and actually take some kind of action.
Take action: When you notice that there are other people on the planet who escaped from OCD after really being disabled by it, you get hope that you can do it too. Make up your mind to do the same thing. If they can do it, why can't you? How can you fail if you really put your mind to it? I know and have faith that you can do it! I believe in you and sometimes that all we really need to hear!

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