Obama's Federal Loan Modification Program Gives Struggling Homeowners Some Breathing Room

By: Lindsy Emery

When you mailbox is stock full of missed payment notices or reminders for payments, and then you realize that the mortgage hasn't been covered either for a little while, and you also need some groceries then you know it's time to ask for help. You don't want to lose your home but with that large mortgage payment, you just can't fit it in. The bank will soon be coming to claim your house back and with everything else, bankruptcy might seem eminent. That can change with the program that the Federal Government is offering to you.

Obama is giving you the chance to participate in the loan modification program to which they have invested 75 billion dollars into so that families like you don't have to lose everything. If you meet the requirements then you can stand to gain a reduced monthly payment and interest rate, plus a deduction off of your principle. The government will pay the deduction plus a percentage of your monthly bill. The time period that you have to pay your mortgage within will be extended to match the figure of your payments.

Participating in this program will allow you to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy and ruining your credit more than it has been already. This will give you a chance to rebuild your credit rather than having to start right back at the beginning again like was necessary when you were a teenager. Building up credit is difficult enough the first time, it can be harder the second time around. So take that leap, and go for that loan modification.

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