Obama's Debt Relief Plan Allows Citizens to Pay off Various Debt Such as Mortgages and Rent

By: Lindsy Emery

The Federal Government in USA provides financial assistance in the form of grants to the deserving citizens. In order to be eligible for a Government grant, there is no need of a credit history for the citizens .However if the grant is combined with a loan; at least some credit history is needed to secure the loan amount. Loans are provided for almost all the individual needs, the most availed loans are housing loans. Two of the various mortgage payment assistances are noted briefly below.

Mortgage Payments Assistance:-

In other words this programme is called loan modification. In case the borrower is not able to repay the loan, he can apply for a loan modification programme which typically means assisting the repayment so that the interest rate is reduced or the loan terms are modified and refined. The individuals apply for a loan modification through lenders and the government provides all available assistance to lower the burden of the borrower.

Rent Payment Assistance:-

Two types of rental assistance programme are there. In the first method, the eligible citizens are provided government owned houses or apartments for a low or subsidized rent. For some eligible people paying a rent is not at all required. The people eligible for this type of assistance are those with low or moderate income. In the second type, the individuals are given assistance in choosing a home with a low rent on a priority basis. In some US states, this assistance is in the form of helping the citizens to acquire the rented property. Usually these programmes are undertaken by other agencies under the direction and control of each state. In the rental payment assistance programme the eligible citizens are not provided cash directly.

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