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By: Rick Pruett

According to Sacramento auto dealers they are in fact spending more time in buying used cars than selling them. Yes, the dealerships are even keeping an eye on the Craigslist regularly for figuring out the used-cars postings, and also in leasing billboards to the car sellers illustrating his willingness in buying used cars. Yes, the used car market is now steamy hot in the US.

Well, you turn on the news and it is all about bad economic news except for the staggering two industries, the auto sales and the real estate market. And as things stand now in the auto industry, it is possibly a sheer combination of some of the incredibly lowest rates in history, as well as the peak time for the highest used car values in history. One of the contributory factors for the sudden desire for pre-owned vehicles however include the overall decline of the new car sales between the years 2008 – 2010. You have guessed that right; this means cars which were three years old became scarce and as an obvious result the older cars slowly became more in demand.

On the other hand, the cutting down of the excess production of the 3 major US auto makers also contributed to the rising demand of the used vehicles. Research records reveal that in the last year, the pre-owned car industry in US has climbed 5% to 40.5 million. Needless to say that now is possibly the best time to trade in your used car in case you have one! For the buyers also looking for cars for sale in Sacramento, it is now the right time to buy a used one.

Typically under the ‘Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule’ the sellers that are selling pre owned vehicles (except the individual owners) needs to place a huge sticker called the "Buyers Guide" right at the window of the cars. It is from the Buyers Guide you will be able to know whether or not the vehicle comes with a warranty or with an extended warranty and if at all the vehicle is covered then which systems are covered exactly, how long the coverage does applies etc. It is from the Buyers Guide you will be able to know whether the car is sol with an implied warranty or with no warranty at all. Get things straight here, once you drive an ‘As Is’ car off the lot the Sacramento auto dealer has no further responsibility for the car, whatsoever. When buying used cars do not miss to sign the Buyers Guide and also request a copy of the same to keep for your records.

Watch out for the following

Body: Look for rust especially at the bottoms or right around the tail lights, splash panels and bumpers. Even small blister might indicate future rust as well. Precisely look for all the telltale signs which may indicate that the car has witnessed damage or accidents

Tires: Uneven wear at the tires clearly indicates improper rotation of the tires. Check the spare tire as well to make sure you are not buying a lemon.

Battery: Scan the battery sticker for the guarantee date. For the uninitiated, after every 25000 miles the battery needs to be replaced.

Mechanical Parts:Ensure all the mechanical parts are in sync and are working properly. Also, test the radio, AC, heater and the wipers.

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Rick Pruett is associated with Sacramento auto dealer for the last 11 years. Hence, he knows about the advantages of dealing with authentic Sacramento auto dealers offering cars for sale in Sacramento.

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