Not eating wrongly - 5 nutritious food avoids small fat belly

By: Hayden

Girls often use up all manner of methods in order to lose weight, and sometimes weight is increased rather than decreased, more serious even damage the health. Don't use unhealthy methods to lose weight, a correct concept, healthy eating habits and regular routine and exercise is the important law of slimming.
1 oatmeal
Starchy foods are one of the reasons to increase the weight in the minds of most people, but if you still think that it may be wrong you will be able to lose weight if not eat starch! Eat "good" starch not only can help burn fat, but also make you more healthy, Studies have shown that fiber-rich oatmeal is a good choice, the right amount of intake, can lower blood cholesterol also can reduce heat absorption and increase satiety, and from now begin to give up eating the bread or bagel every morning!
2 blueberries
Do not look down up the little blueberries, but they are rich in nutritional value, in addition, it is also healthy food very suitable for women intake. In addition to rich in anthocyanins and vitamin C to prevent aging, according to the latest reports pointed out that blueberries can help to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and reduce cardiovascular disease, they have so many benefits, don't you have a try?
3 almonds
Yes, almonds are rich in fat and calories, but it is greatly loss that if you refuse to eat it due to weight loss. Single unsaturated fatty acids almonds are rich in, is a very good fatty acids, not only can not cause obesity also can block the absorption of fat, in addition, it also can lower blood pressure, protect the heart, but don't eat more, suggested eat a handful of nut kinds a day, you also will be fat if eat more!
4 salmon
Rich protein is a very good source of nutritional value, such as fish, tofu and chicken, the right amount of daily intake is not only able to provide you with a full day of heat sources, also can burn fat. In addition, salmon is also a very good kind of food, in addition to heat lower than the other fish, abundant protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids can reduce cardiovascular disease, and at the same time can accelerate the burning of fat!
5 green vegetables
Green vegetables have been the most nutritious food sources, such as spinach, kale and broccoli, etc.. The minerals and vitamins they contain, not only are low in calories. Rich fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility too. Here's a diet tip, from now learn to have dinner in accordance with the sequence, first drink soup and eat vegetables, finally eat the main meal, in this way can effectively reduce calorie intake and increase satiety!

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