Not All Shoes are Walking Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

Just because you walk in a particular style of shoe, it doesn’t mean that it is a walking shoe. A basic shoe will get you by through your daily routine, but it probably won’t suit your needs for walking for health and fitness. A traditional walking shoe will meet your needs when walking for fitness, but it won’t maximize the effects of walking for fitness or burn calories as many calories, the way a fitness walking shoe does.

Types of shoes available to buy for walking:


This shoe is a basic shoe that can be worn throughout the day. It is a versatile and supportive athletic shoe. This shoe should be very comfortable and moderately durable. It can be worn day in and day out. An everyday gym shoe can also be used for light walking, casual sports, and running. A neutral color should be chosen so that it coordinates with a variety of wardrobe colors. Its weight is usually between a walking shoe and running shoe and it has adequate cushioning for everyday use.


A walking shoe is designed to accommodate that amount of contact that the foot has with the ground, which is 50% more contact than with running. The heel is beveled or angled due to the way the heel hits the ground when walking. Walking shoes are cushioned to lesson impact during walking. The front of a traditional walking shoe is flexible for efficient propulsion during toe-off. It is not recommended for running because its weight, amount of cushioning, and inadequate support for running.


A fitness shoe has all the benefits of a walking shoe and more. Fitness shoes are becoming increasingly popular with the introduction of the Stepgym, Nike Skechers, Avon Curves, and other brands. The added benefit of a fitness walking shoe is that during every day walking and while walking for fitness, muscles are stimulated to work harder and the amount of calories burned is increased. The scientific design of a fitness shoe is designed a little different than a traditional walking shoe.

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