Nose Surgery To Correct A Broken Nose

By: Thulas Sukati

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the nose is reshaped. Technological advances mean that plastic surgeons can re-shape almost any part of the body. It's not just nose re-modeling that is very popular; two others are eyelids and liposuction.

Rhinoplasty (the political correct version of a nose job), nose reduction or nose reshaping is done by removing the skin and completely changing the structure of the nose, including bone and cartilage. There are a few different methods used for nose reshaping. One method involves substituting the nose by removing skin from the back of the arm and suturing it into place and a new nose can be created. Nose re-shaping or Rhinoplasty is also considered to be re-constructive surgery, where there is serious damage, and not just an aesthetic procedure.

A survey was carried out on cosmetic surgery in 2005 and the top five procedures carried out on men were nose re-shaping, liposuction, hair transplant, eyelid surgery and breast reduction. Whether your nose was broken and left crooked, or you just aren't happy with the way your nose is, you can safely and now realistically alter the way that it looks. Men are quickly catching women up with the number and range of cosmetic procedures available to them.

Equally important to your decision to have nose re-shaping is the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure; that he has a good grasp of aesthetics and that he is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. When the Rhinoplasty procedure is over, there shouldn't have been any need for external incisions, little sign of trauma and that the nose looks as natural as possible.There are other considerations as well; for instance, minimal pain and performed under strict standards of safety and hygiene.

Many teenagers are also having work done on their noses or breasts to make themselves look more desirable. There is a great deal of improvements that Rhinoplasty can achieve, for instance, straightening a crooked nose or removing a bump even increase or decrease its length.

Sometimes to alter how your nose and jaw looks all you have to do is re-shape your chin. People who have small or receding chins will understand this because this facial condition will automatically make the nose look larger, a situation which could be made worse if they already have a larger nose. That is why many nose operations are also followed by reconstructive surgery to the chin, in order to balance the features of the face.

Remember that people may not treat you any differently when you have work carried out on your nose or any other part of your body. We each see ourselves in a particular way and although this is not a true image, many people feel that by reducing or increasing the size of their nose (whether necessary or not) it will make them more attractive. In cases where people have broken their nose, the cartilage can become constricted, creating breathing problems. Nose jobs can offer real health benefits in addition to improving the symmetry of the face.

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