Northern Landscape Garden In May

By: Thomas Fryd..

The May garden is a constantly changing picture of new life... bulbs coming into bloom, perennials changing from lifeless looking stumps to healthy green growth, new-sown seeds developing into young plants, and trees in full bloom. All of which means a great variety of jobs must be done this month.
Here are a few "dont forget to" suggestions:
- Feed naturalized bulbs after they finish flowering. Any good garden fertilizer spread through the area will do wonders.
- Stake perennials late during the month of May... before they start to fall over.
- Control thrips on gladiolus and iris by spraying with Malathion weekly.
- Sow biennials such as Sweet William and campanulas in seed beds, in Hats in a coldframe or greenhouse where they can be protected with sash. Transplant when large enough into beds or frameswhere . they will grow until time for transplanting into the garden in the fall.
- Feed leafy vegetables such as lettuce and early cabbage
- Water the strawberry patch if the season is dry. Also feed with any good garden fertilizer working it in around the roots of the plants. Mulch the strawberry bed with straw or hay... the mulch keeps the berries off the ground and clean, helps. prevent rot in wet weather and keeps down weeds.
- Sow winter celery in a coldframe or flat in the greenhouse.
Peonies are subject to aphids which can be troublesome around the buds... apply Insecticidal soap, Neem oil or Malathion for control. These are useful for spraying delphiniums and roses. They, too, should be sprayed regularly beginning this month. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for use of any spray. Large fruit trees should have a regular spray program but, since insects vary in different sections of the country, the time of application and the number of sprayings varies. Therefore, it is best to consult your county agent for local recommendations.
Sow Annuals
A seeds of annuals can be sown directly into the garden this month. Whether in rows in a cutting garden or patches in the brick garden border, the seedling plants will need to be thinned when they have made a few inches of growth.
Leggy Annuals
Annuals which are leggy should be pinched to make them bushy. I prefer to do the pinching a week or two before planting out which is a big enough shock without pinching back at the same time.
Tubers and Dahlia Plants
Dahlia plants and tubers also may go out this month. When planting the large flowering types it is a good plan to dig a hole for each plant. Then, into each hole put a good handful or two of cow manure and a handful of bonemeal. The bonemeal should be worked into the soil as the hole is filled.
Vegetables to start sowing in May, if danger of frost is past, are beans of all types and corn. However, do not sow lima beans until late May, because they rot if sown in cold wet ground. Do not sow peas and onions at this late date.

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