No Doubt About It - Another da Vinci Has Been Determined Authentic

By: Aubrey Moulton

Experts consider they have discovered a new Leonardo da Vinci painting. A Montreal-based forensic art expert Peter Paul Biro is certain that he has discovered another Leonardo masterpiece. In order to identify the artist, a century’s old-fingerprint on the presumed 19th-century German painting was matched against one found on a verified Leonardo. The fingerprints corresponded and the results have been reported.
The painting was bought in 2007 by a Canadian art enthusiast Peter Silverman for Swiss Collector, name withheld. The painting is of a young woman who looks like a German princess and is known as the "Profile of the Bella Principessa." Before being privately owned in 2007 the painting was at the Ganz gallery in New York for several years.The painting was valued at $19,000. However, since the confirmation, the piece could now fetch at least $150 million.
This piece of art is the only major Leonardo discovery identified in over 100 years. Biro upholds his findings by pointing out that the print of an index or middle finger was found on the painting and that it is verified by a fingerprint found on Leonardo's "St. Jerome." Currently “St Jerome" is placed in the Vatican and with authorization the firm was allowed to use multispectral images of the painting. The lab could then use a special digital scanner to reveal successive layers of the piece.
Reportedly fingerprints are found in several of da Vinci's works. By utilizing multispectral imaging they could get a recognizable fingerprint from St. Jerome and contrast it with the fingerprint located on the "Profile of Bella Principessa" painting. The results flabbergasted the art world and the world at large.
Not only does the painting have Leonardo's fingerprint, but also his approach, style, and material composition. to Leonardo. Critics were initially reluctant to unequivocally state it was a Leonardo, including the Swiss owner. However, the science has proven this theory to be correct and even curators at the British Museum are confirming the find.

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