No-Cost Way to Attract 1000 Targeted Visitors & 150 Leads to Your Site Every Month

By: Murtuza Abbas

If you have been looking for a solid, realistic, no-cost and instant way to get visitors on demand whenever you want, listen carefully!

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get your traffic counter explode, where you can cash on instantly on the traffic generated, this letter will tell you how to do it starting right now.

If you want traffic to test your salescopy, your new product or affiliate product, this is going to be one of the most exciting message you'll ever read.

In this article you will learn a 'no-secret' tactic that helps thousands to generate quick traffic and get their website HOT and famous in any niche, almost INSTANTLY.

Here's the secret. This tactic alone gets me around 1000 targeted visitors and 150 leads each and every month. You can do it too.

The traffic generation strategy is no other than participating regularly in discussion forums.

Yes, that's right, participating in forums helps you to...

1. Establish your credibility.

2. Get yourself known as an expert in your niche.

3. Get instant traffic to your site.

4. Get traffic without spending a single red dime.

5. Get life-time incoming links to your site.

6. Get traffic from search engines through your posts that regularly get indexed.

7. Get spiders to visit your new site.

8. Test your salesletter or a lead capturing page.

9. Get expert help from people in your niche.

10. Build your subscriber list very very fast.

11. Increase cold hard cash in your bank account.

Can you see the benefits that participating in a discussion forum can get you?

There are hundreds if not thousands of forums existing online and it is for sure that there will be some few forums that exist in your niche.

Hunt for some forums in google. Just type in your niche keyword phrase along with 'forums' or 'discussion forums'.

If your niche is internet marketing. Search for "internet marketing discussion forums" or something related. You will surely find some quality forums in your niche.

Start participating in the forums and answer questions out there.

Here are some tips that will help you to increase traffic from discussion forums...

1. Write an attractive, eye-catching subject that grabs attention.

This will make sure that the surfers moving around will click it and check your post.

2. Write a killer resource box with a short benefit laden ad that links to your website.

3. Focus on building your subscriber base. Divert traffic to your lead capturing page rather than your salesletter.

4. Put a killer graphic in your resource box. This will increase your click throughs.

5. Include a popular keyword in the link in your resource box. This will help you to increase your search engine ranking for that particular keyword.

6. Also include your keyword in your message. This will help spiders to pick up your site if at all anyone searches for that particular key phrase.

7. Last but not the least, provide a quality POST. Don't try to sell something in your post with blatant ads. This will just get your post deleted and get you banned from the forum.

Make sure you research for few forums in the beginning, start with 10 forums, and get started.

Don't get distracted by reading all the posts out there and waste your time. Rather focus on making posts and answering questions.

Now you are aware about the 'not so secret' tactic that will help you to skyrocket your sales and profits, and cash-in on one of the greatest 'no-cost' traffic strategies available online.

There has never been a better time for you to get started, than it is today.

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