Nip the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement in the Bud

By: Joseph Warner

Even if you are confident your teenager is not into drugs, you still need to watch them every now and then. You would do well to realize that things may change and that your teen may actually end up becoming a drug user. We are not suggesting you should make unfounded assumptions about serious issues such as drug addiction. Instead, get a real life experience of peer pressure, go back in time to remember your own childhood if necessary to understand what your kids might be going through. Itís important that you donít let the requirement of drug rehabilitation arise in the first place. To make sure your family continues to be free from drug addiction, you are required to lead from the front and play a proactive role.

Here are some tell tale signs that your teen may have entered the world of drugs: -
1. A sudden drop in grades.
2. Sudden change in friend circles.
3. They begin to find even their hobbies uninteresting.

You should not be comfortable simply because your teen is not displaying either of these symptoms. You may be living under a misplaced since of security regarding potential drug use in your teenagers. These symptoms only suggest full blown drug addiction, and are not indicative of experimental drug use. Those teenagers who are just experimenting with drugs, donít get addicted right away, so they donít show any of these symptoms. You wonít find anything amiss with them and they look normal and healthy. Only if they abuse the drugs for about a year or so do they end up with drug addiction symptoms. The beginning of drug abuse is marked by a casual attitude. The teens use drugs occasionally, only with friends and later get into regular drug abuse. If you can detect signs of casual drug use, you can deal with it proactively.

Steps you can take

Monitor the behaviour of your teenager closely and look for potential signs of drug abuse. It should not appear that you are intruding in their privacy. Itís just that they should not feel they are free to experiment with drugs. Make them aware that you know of their activities and what is going on in their friends circle. If they do something wrong, they should know they may be required to be sent to drug rehabilitation centers. Donít be blinded by the fact that they are your sons or daughters and are therefore incapable of abusing drugs.

1. Once you have met the friends of your teenagers, find out who they are when they are calling. Try to know as much as possible about them. Encourage your teen when they plan to invite their friends when you are around.
2. Always keep a close tab on how your teens are performing in studies. Also consult their teachers if everything about your kids is normal.
3. Take the help of neighbours to find out what happens in your house when you are not there.
4. Your own working schedule should be flexible enough so that your teens cannot predict your movements.
5. If your son or daughter wants to spend the night with his or her friend and you feel concerned about it, be firm and say no.

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