Nightcrawlers: Secret Tips And Techniques to fish worms Details Here!

By: mark fleagle

Nightcrawlers and other worm types such as a common night crawler, European night crawler, african night crawler, grunt worms, garden worms, red wigglers, and leaf worms are as close as you can get to a universal live bait for all species of freshwater fish as you can get. They will catch any fish from common bluegill to the elusive sturgeon. Nightcrawlers have amazing fish appeal but there are some important reasons they are so popular. They are a very easy bait to find and a very easy bait to catch or raise if you are a interested in saving a few bucks,or just want fresh bait readily available. After a good rain you can catch enough nightcrawlers for multiple fishing trips. You can keep nightcrawlers alive for weeks at a time with some simple preparation. When you catch or buy your nightcrawlers make sure you put them in a large container , like a 5 gallon bucket. Fill the bucket at least 1/2 full with rich moist soil. then keep them in a cool spot.!br>
All types of nightcrawlers are very easy to raise. You can build yourself a worm box and store it in your basement,backyard or in your garage. You can make your worm box out of just about any material just make sure you make it big enough. A size of of about 2ft x 3 ft x 2ft deep is excellent. Fill the your worm box with fertile loamy soil. Wait for a good rainy night then go out and catch as many night crawlers as you can find and put them in your new worm box. Once you have enough night crawlers they will reproduce and you will have a constant supply of fresh night crawler bait.

Worms are "Hermaphrodites" which means they have both male and female sex organs. These sex organs are found in the dark spot that looks like a color near the head. One nightcrawler cannot produce by itself. As the saying says. "It takes to to tangle." When two nightcrawlers or other worm types mate right both will be impregnated and produce a cocoon filled with eggs which they deposit in the soil. The incubation period is usually about 2 to 3 weeks. Another amazing thing about night crawlers is you can pull them apart into pieces and they will not die! So you can use partial pieces of nightcrawlers and still have fresh and lively bait.

Night crawlers and other worms do not have eyes or ears but they can sense vibrations. That is why when you are trying to catch them they sometimes retreat back into their burrows before you get to them because they are sensing the vibrations of your feet. Nightcrawlers are also sensitive to light. If you hunt nightcrawlers at night do not point the beam of your flashlight directly at the crawlers. because they will immediately start moving back into their burrows. Instead, fan your light across the grass quickly and take note where you think you saw crawlers. Next step very softly close to the nightcrawlers then shine your light quickly and at the same time put you fingers on and as close to the burrow as you can and pull gently up, so you don't pull the nightcrawler in half. On rainy nights if you see nightcrawlers that are paired up side by side by all means get these crawlers first because they are mating, and a good choice if you are starting a new worm farm.

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