Nightcrawlers: How to Make Walleye Night Crawler Rigs Details Here!

By: mark fleagle

!p>One of the best live baits to fish for walleye in late spring and summer, and one of the easiest baits to get are nightcrawlers.Actually there are three species of the nightcralwer and they are the common night crawler, the European night crawler, and the African nightcrawler.
There are a few different ways to fish with nightcrawlers for walleye. First you need to select lively crawlers that are about 4 to 8 inches in length. Always gob at least two or three onto the hook. The best way to hook them is through the head. When walleyes see two or three night crawlers dangling from a hook it is hard to resist. Push a hook into the tip of the head and out about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch back from the tip. You can also use a worm blower to inflate your nightcrawlers. This will make the worm float off of the bottom to the walleyes can see it better. You need to inflate your worm correctly or it will look un-natural. Insert the needle just behind the collar and squeeze a small bubble of air into the head.
Nightcrawler fishing rigs:

  • Hook night crawlers onto a two or three hook worm harness. MAKE SURE when you are hooking the worms that you leave some slack between the hooks. When you are using worm harnesses always use at least two to three nightcrawlers. Make sure your harnesses have at least a number 8 hook, but no larger then a number 2.

  • Use a slip sinker rig with a number 8 to number 2 plain or floater hook. Inflate your worms to make them more appealing to the walleye.

  • Use a slip bobber rig with plain or short shanked number 8 through number 2 hooks, or 1/16th ounce walleye jig.

  • Use a split shot rig with a number 8 through number 2 hook. Hook at leaste 3 nightcrawlers through the head, inflate if you want.

  • Use a weight forward spinner or spinner tipped with two or three night crawlers.

  • Use a bottom walking rig with two or three number 8 through number 2 hook worm harnesses. use at least two crawlers , inflate if you want.

  • Use a trolling plug tipped with at least two or three nightcrawlers.

Well folks that concludes our article about fishing for walleye using nightcrawlers We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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