Night Crappie Fishing: You Don't Know What Your Missing!

By: mark fleagle

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Wow! the amazing peace and tranquility of night fishing for crappie. The moon reflecting on the water casts its spell, and the sound of nocturnal birds and wildlife can be heard across the waters. And the best thing about it is space! only a few serious anglers go crappie fishing at night.That leaves lots of of room for the smartest fisherman to cast their lines.
One Key note: Make sure you have an auxiliary battery if you are fishing from a boat. There's Nothing worse at night if you can't start your engine. There's no marina to call for a tow late at night.
Second...whether you believe in the crazy creatures of the night or not, you still need above water , and underwater fishing lights to crappie fish at night.
When you fish for crappie at night, pay attention to how your using your light. Many night fishing for crappie anglers have different strategies they use for setting up their night fishing lights.One strategy is to keep a small light on board - keep it hidden from the fish to avoid spooking them - but emitting enough light so you can see what you are doing. The other strategy is to allow it to shine into the water, attracting bugs and little organisms - which will attract fish. Find out which method works for you. Here is a quick guide for using lights to catch crappie at night.
Learn to unleash the power of underwater fishing lighting, and above water lighting to catch crappie at night.
Light tip#1
If your light is not submersible, you can still use it to attract some fish. The key is to shine the light "across the water" as opposed to "in the water". This will attract small fish, which in turn attract bigger prey the crappie.
Light tip#2
I highly recommend you use a reliable underwater fishing light to fish for crappie at night. If you are using a submersible light, you'll want to submerge your light so it is only two or three inches under the water. you don't want the light to be too close to the crappie you do not want to spook them away from you.The crappie will be attracted to the area of lower intensity light because that is where the small fish and organisms will be located.
Light tip#3
Fish don't like to be blinded by light anymore then you do. They won't come to close to the bright part of your underwater fishing light. The key is to fish below the light- that is where the crappie will bite.

Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About night crappie fishing

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Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About night crappie fishing

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