New Ideas About Cancer And Its Treatment

By: Lee Jacobs

Cancer, also named as malignancy, is defined by an uncontrolled proliferation of cells within the body. Over 100 types of cancer exist, and these include skin cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma. Symptoms will vary depending upon the type of cancer an individual may have, as well as the treatments available. Conventional treatments include radiation, chemotherapy and also surgery.
We are always in the process of regeneration; new cells are created to replace old or injured ones. Certain genes control this process such as when the body aims to self-heal when injured. When genes get damaged and cause cells to go haywire, cancer can result. In certain forms of cancer, cells multiply and become lumps. More often than not, these lumps are benign, rather than malignant. When lumps are benign, they do not spread throughout the body, but remain localized.
A malignant tumor is made up of cancerous cells. In the beginning, a cancerous lump will stay in its area of origin, however, untreated they will travel throughout the body starting with the closest tissues. As they settle into a new location, these cells will begin to multiply until another lump, or secondary tumor, is created. This is known as secondary cancer or a metastasis. The new tumors assist in their own survival by creating new blood vessels to ensure blood supply.
These days, cancer is usually easily diagnosed, but the medical profession is less able to explain its causes. If you ask the question, you are likely to go unanswered. However, more and more people are beginning to believe that cancers are actually caused by parasites. Yet, it may surprise you to know that this is not an entirely new viewpoint. Quite a few prominent doctors have suggested this possibility during the past eighty years.
Hulda Clarke has written a book called "The Cure for all Cancers" and has stated that she passionately feels parasite infections to be the root of many cancers. Way back in the 1930's, a man by the name of Dr Royal Rife was another who carried out much research within this area. He identified 40 or more different viruses found within cancerous tissue.
A fair amount of research was undertaken in the 1970s to determine the link between viral contaminants and cancer. Unfortunately, their equipment wasn't up to the task and research lapsed. Fortunately, there has been renewed interest in conducting research into this subject and now the equipment exists to do it.
Recently, the bacterium Heliobactor Pylori was discovered to be responsible for stomach ulcers. Since 2001, this bacterium is believed by many to be the cause of stomach cancer. Even more recently, the Humanpapilloma Virus (HPV) has been identified as the cause of cervical cancer. Finally, the Cancer Watch Organization has linked microbe infections in the colon with colon cancer.
Microbes, bacteria and viruses are simply parasites by a different name, and guess what; the Cancer Research Organization of the UK now firmly believes that up to 15% of all cancers may have some type of infection as the cause. Many believe this figure is very low, but still, it's encouraging to see that it's becoming a more mainstream possibility.
Yeast infections can also indirectly cause cancer. Yeast infections, or Candida, can travel throughout the body creating a systemic problem and stressing the immune system. As the immune system becomes increasingly compromised, it is unable to halt the spread of the fungus spores which excrete toxic waste in the body as well as raising acidity levels. This combination provides an excellent environment for the development of cancer.
There's a lot more that can be written, but it would be best to introduce a special compound called chlorine dioxide. This wonder substance has been discovered to get great results in the treatment of a host of bacterial infections, viruses, fungi, and diseased tissue. It avoids healthy tissue and the good bacteria in the gut and neutralizes pathogens with a ph level lower than 7.
In order to keep this article brief, it's time to hand over the reins to you. It's up to you to research this compound further, especially if you are dealing with serious health issues. It could be the difference between life and death.
Here's to your good health!

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. He is interested in illuminating individuals and helping others return to a better quality of wellbeing. Please feel free to read more about the miracle mineral supplement, and feel free to learn more about the man Jim Humble who discovered this amazing product.

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