New Age Meditation- Changed Concept of Meditation Courses

By: Mindy Ronaldson

Meditation is nothing new nor is the meditation courses for the civilized world. People are well aware of various terms related to meditation like the mental telepathy, remote viewing techniques, psychic intuition and such others. Of late people are also becoming conversant with the hitherto remote terminologies like the astral projection techniques and out of body experiences.
The New Face of Meditation Meditation may not be unfamiliar but the new age meditation may be for many. Meditation courses today have changed a lot from what they once were and introduced a new way to learn how to meditate or how to use the law of attraction. In simple terms it's the version of meditation that conforms to the current day popular culture. In fact one could view it as a blend of Eastern and Western philosophy forming the core of meditation course.
Blending the East and the West Perhaps nowhere else the blending of East and West is so pronounced as in the world of meditation courses to day. To master the law of attraction or to learn the remote viewing techniques the process of meditation now follows an altogether different path than it once used. Without confining them to techniques like the astral projection technique, mental telepathy or such the ambits of meditation courses have been widened to encompass the arena of physiological excellence and emancipation of human beings.
Getting Popular Day By Day Every change from tradition have either been welcomed or looked with contempt by human society over the years. New age meditation is no exception. Difference lies in the fact that the popularity of the new age meditation is growing day by day and the impact is more visible on the younger generations. Younger learners are flocking to meditation courses with the aim of developing psychic powers, learn telepathy, or to learn remote viewing. Utility of the meditation courses for medical science as well as physical fitness has contributed handsomely to the state of affair. Today doctors, physical instructors, and dieticians all use the meditation for better physical and psychic results. A notable gift of new age meditation is the new age wisdom.
Popular Transcendental Meditation One of the most popular forms of new age meditation is the Transcendental meditation. In the age of the Hippies way back in the 1960s and 1970s it made its first appearance on the scene. Instantly it started making waves especially among the new generation. Since most of the younger generation people in those days were truly averse to all traditional systems of belief and wanted to put in place their own, the new meditation courses were most suitable for them. In order to create their own belief systems they took up meditation courses with renewed vigor. Introduction of Transcendental meditation inspired numerous inventions in the field of arts, science, and most notably, commerce.
Stress Free Life -Supreme Goal Perhaps the greatest gift of the new age meditation is stress free life. Even in the modern era where hectic activities and mad rush is the trend rather than an exception, it has truly emerged as the emancipator getting for the users stress free life that is the supreme goal of meditation and adoption of the related techniques. Encompassing the belief systems, spiritualities, and learning newer things like out of body experience and technique of astral projection, new age meditation has helped to put them in a single package. One's ultimate goal for taking up meditation course is stress free life, fairly achievable with the new age meditation.

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