Network Marketing...Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

By: Giles Garner

Many potential network marketing reps perceive their new opportunity as an opportunity to get rich quick, and nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, this is the way the business is often presented to prospective reps. Picture this...A successful looking guy standing in front of the whiteboard drawing a pyramid of circles. You get 5 and they get 5 and in a few short weeks you will be making a ton of money. All you have to do is teach 5 to teach 5. LMAO

We have all tried that approach with our warm market, but sadly it just doesn't work. Many times our friends and family will join our business out of love, but chances are they will not work and grow the business.

Great Wealth and Hard Work

In order to succeed in MLM, one must commit to a business plan and work it. Sure the successful network marketer may live a great lifestyle with plenty of money and plenty of toys to show for their hard work, but you can rest assured that these things did not come easy. If the right systems are put in place and worked on the front end, massive success can be attained due to the compounding effects and duplication of the network. This is a business and should be treated as such. Not many millionaires got there with no work, and you can rest assured that the millionaire network marketer got there by recruiting the initial 3 or 5 people, and then put the business on auto-pilot.

There are really two schools of thought when it comes to marketing your business. There is an old school approach and a high tech approach, and we will discuss both.

Old School

Old school is the general approach that the traditional network marketer has taken since the inception of the MLM business model. This method works and many a network marketer has made their fortune selling great products and recruiting warm and not so warm markets. Don't think for a second that this type of recruiting will be easy and that you will make a network marketing living by only recruiting a few people and hoping they will do the same. I call that smoking the "hopium". One must brand themselves as a leader to be successful and become a leader in any company.

A leader woking a traditional can expect to frequently conduct meeting in hotels and coffee shops, and one must figure a certain amount of time spent doing one on ones with their downline.

High Tech

High tech is a newer approach to an age old business. The internet has given way to a different avenue to find prospects and reps for the network marketer. Don't kid yourself with all the hoopla you see on the internet with automatic, push button systems. The internet is a great way to reach an enormous amount of people, and it is the perfect way to avoid the hassles of annoying your warm market with "another" business opportunity.

As the name implies, high tech marketing using the internet takes quite a bit of knowlege of computers and the technology available. There are quite a few people that have the skillset, but the average person coming into the networking must go thruough a big learning curve to figure out all the components that must be involved to make an online recruiting system work. It is not realistic to think that one can put up a video or two and write a couple of articles and be successful online, one must spend the time necessary to develop an effective plan. If persistent though, the payoff can be considerable.

Systems such as capture pages, sales pages, auto responders, and web pages must be utilized in an online marketing campaign. One of the many marketing systems must also be used in order to point a potential prospect to the sales funnel. Putting all these pieces of the puzzle together requires work and time. So don't be fooled, online marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

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