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By: Bishop Chanakira

There are a great number of people who have boundless ideas and ambitions but do not have the funds to support these ambitions. To effectively raise funds, it is important to have a vision of what the purpose for the funds will be. Often this is a project scope, but many times it can be the sole purpose for an organization. With a vision, the individual or organization requiring funding can field a budget and build a proposal which can be submitted to various funding agencies.

In certain circumstances it is possible for these people to apply for a government grant. A grant is an award of financial assistance to a recipient who has the purpose of supporting or stimulating. This funding is not a benefit and is provided for a specific purpose such as a project. No repayment is required as long as the funds are used for that specific purpose.

Applicants can include not for profit companies, charitable organisations, educational organisations, local governments, or individuals such as researchers, natural disaster victims or those seeking to open small business. Many huge corporations were applying for government grants in their early days which helped them grow to the size they are today. The U.S government understands the importance of small business on the economy and the importance of helping them to expand. Therefore, many small businesses have received grants to help pay for expenses such as salaries, patent registrations, equipment financing and many more significant payments associated with founding a business. There are also unique grants offered to women who are starting businesses to encourage them to succeed.

Another common field of grant applicants is college students. The most common grant applicants in the US are students attending post-secondary education. Students are usually required to fund their college tuition fees, books and living expenses. For a person attempting to focus on their education, it is incomvenient to be focusing on funds. College grants of as much as $50,000 have been provided for people in this situation. Other types of grants include minority grants for African-Americas, Hispanics etc. The intention of these grants is to support those individuals who might otherwise have struggled in society. Emergency grants are available for people who have lost their job or have fallen sick and cannot support their family. Healthcare grants can also help sick people to fund important medical expenses. There are countless people every year who require life saving operations but simply cannot afford them. The U.S Government have also recently been releasing housing grants for those who need help affording a home, or to help people with low credit rating.

According to the Foundation Centre, the US government disperses in excess of $40 billion a year from their huge diversification of trusts and foundations. Tiered funding throughout the government is a commonly used reason for a grant. The process for applying for a Government grant is not as easy as most people imply. There is an effort required to justify the money as well as on-going administration of the grant. The Government will want to make sure that the money is put to good use. No repayment of grants is required if the funds are used for the intention emphasized in the application. However, if you think you meet the requirements, it is definitely worth your while lodging an application.

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