Need To Vent A Jealous Feeling For Relief

By: Benedict Perez

Getting jealous is a normal reaction and often a sign of insecurity and sometimes equated with love and concern. This is a complex emotion that may be caused by many factors and may also lead to different results. Some outcomes may be positive but in most cases the aftermath is negative. The feeling often arises due to suspected rivalry or unfaithfulness in form of relationship.
To be jealous is not that bad as long as it is not caused by an irrational thought as it is never healthy. The feeling can lead to paranoia due to an unfounded security. This often occurs to people who rely heavily on their emotions with the feeling that something is wrong. The fact is there are no meritorious signs to base such illogical emotion. Jealous individuals often think that they have to right to be jealous without any validation of their baseless feeling.
By nature, jealousy is a reactionary feeling which has its reasons. However, if the feeling becomes unmanageable, human behavior becomes uncontrollable and may even lead to violence. People who are extremely jealous have close minds. It is truly difficult to explain and show them the truth for they do not accept any explanation. In most cases, this can be a reason for a severed relationship due to intolerable actuations.
Revenge out of resentment is not an effective answer to an existing concern for no sane solution can be reached when the focus is on hurting and to make revenge. People sometimes become jealous due to external evidence where the emotion is based. The reason for this emotion is valid and oftentimes develops a feeling of resentment and revenge.
In both instances, if getting rid of such complex emotion is almost an impossibility, then the solution is emotional therapy or psychological counseling. There are available counseling centers on the internet that can effectively provide any person with the desired techniques to control it. The party that must give advice or counsel must be an impartial person in order to achieve an unbiased solution and will give vent in a safe environment to control the feeling and avoid situations to be jealous.

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To be jealous at times is a normal reaction when one partner reacts to certain situations where relationships are concerned. This could be tolerable at times but there are occasions where it could create paranoia which is harmful for the relationship.

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