Natural Way to Shrink our Stomachs


Along the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, in resorts, and throughout Brazil in coffee shops, and pharmacies you can find an herb that is used for natural weight control and cellulite. It is sold as a tincture, pill, and tea and even as a smoothie. for more detail go Chan de burgee (pronounced cha-day-boo gray) is making its entrée into the U.S. market as well.

That’s not surprising when you consider that the weight loss industry is a $ billion/year business. Before showing you why chap de burgee is different, I’d like to go on just a short rant about the weight control industry. Actually a more correct description would be the human control industry, as it controls us as we try over and over to take off weight.

We cull through the many offerings on the market like a band of wolves going through a weakened herd of sheep. that fades quickly.

Chap de burgee is a plant that was used as a heart tonic by indigenous people and scientific research went on to validate its use as a healthy weight control aid.

Rather than completely taking away the appetite, chap de burgee is reported to give a sense of fullness with less food intake. This leads to the preferred style of more meals throughout the day with fewer intakes at a time.

Lean Leopard combines chap de burgee with herbs for healthy, long-lasting and caffeine-free energy and an herb that helps control crab and sugar cravings.

All together a unique and healthy approach to weight control! One you can live with for the long term.

Lean Leopard is the ideal mix of rainforest plants with a long and well-documented history of use for: • Weight control • Control for sugar cravings • Heart-healthy energy • Improved digestion

Chap de burgee (Cordial salicifolia): Before it became a popular weight loss remedy chap de burgee was widely used in Brazil as a heart tonic and to improve circulation. Scientific research has shown it to have properties that are anticancer us, antiviral and cardio tonic.

It is in Lean Leopard because it is a natural weight loss aid, healthy and supportive for the heart (cardio tonic) and combats cellulite. For more detail go to: In Brazil it is available as tinctures, capsules, teas and in drinks. It is available not only in pharmacies, but at the beaches in Rio and at resorts around the country. It is highly regarded as an appetite suppressant because rather than cut off appetite all together it encourages smaller meals more often. Many practitioners believe that is better for sustained weight loss, improves overall health and keeps the metabolism balanced throughout the day.

Unlike many appetite suppressants that kill the appetite only to induce intense hunger when they wear off at the wrong time, chap de burgee gives a sense of being full and satiated after eating a small amount of food. This support for smaller meals is not only healthier, but is an easy and natural way to shrink our stomachs.

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