Natural Stop Smoking Methods

By: Mike Singh

In order to stop smoking cigarettes, non-medical natural stop smoking methods are widely available. A person does not have to use drugs or nicotine replacement therapy if desired, or they can be used in combination with them. Acupuncture, along with the drugs, Zyban or Chantix, or even with the nicotine gums, are excellent combinations that can be used if needed. Drinking many natural juices will not only curb the dry mouth that will develop, but is very healthy for the body to strengthen it.

By using either the natural stop smoking methods alone or the medical methods and aids, the outlook of its success will depend entirely on our will power, sheer determination, and desire to quit smoking. It is pretty simple - if you do not want to quit, then you will not - no matter which smoking aids you use.

We need the support of our friends and family members now, more than ever, to help us from the beginning when we begin to stop smoking. It is at this time when our pain and withdrawal symptoms will at their worst. We need to remove all our ashtrays and cigarette lighters in our home, vehicles, and office - any reminder of smoking that may tempt us to sway "just a little bit." These are reminders of our smoking days, and have been known to induce smokers to start smoking again.

Another good move will be to stop visiting clubs, bars, casinos, certain dining establishments, or hotels where the rooms are filled with cigarette smoke. Even in our office and in some cases - our home, we must ban people from smoking in our presence. We should consider beginning a new hobby that may keep us busy for hours. For instance, we could buy some of the new computer games, such as the new Sony Playstation2 or the newer version coming out in November. There are games online which are less expensive, where we can play for hours to kill the urge to smoke. They are an addiction to themselves, so we are replacing one bad addiction with one not quite as hazardous to our health. The object is to stay busy, and not think of the cigarette we want to smoke.

A stop date is obviously needed in order to motivate us to quit smoking. We could even make a poster, listing all the reasons why we need to give up smoking. Some of the prominent reasons may list the hazardous health concerns we could develop, or we could list our family members due to second-hand smoke inhalation. Our clothes and fabrics tend to develop a nicotine smoke smell within our home, which we as smokers usually cannot smell. Dirty ashtrays fill our tables for others to view, along with nicotine stained teeth and fingers. Walls and ceilings become yellow due to the smoke from the cigarettes.

All of these can be listed on the poster, why can be hung in prominent view for us to see on a daily basis as a motivator.Group activity, especially involving non-smokers, is another useful way of staying away from cigarettes, as they will support any weak moments you may develop. You do not feel the urge if you do not see any of your friends smoking. You will find that you come out a fitter and tougher person once you win the battle against smoking naturally.

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